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Does anyone have the lowdown on the terrain expansion at Le Massif?

Apparently they're building a new lift and cutting new trails on an adjacent peak as part of an overall plan to turn the region into a major tourist destination.

What are the timelines? Where is/are the new lift/trails going? What's all this about off-trail skiing?

"As part of the development project, the Le Massif de Petite-Rivière-Saint-François centre will increase its ski area by more than 30%. In fact, the promoter plans to develop Mont à Liguori, located in the easternmost part of the current ski area. New ski runs and a new lift will be part of a more natural development of the mountain and skiers will be able to enjoy a different experience, including off-trail skiing. Finally, visitors will enjoy stunning views as far as the vast expanse of the Saint Lawrence River (Charlevoix residents call it the sea, because this is where the saltwater begins) as they enjoy the 10-kilometre route of the family toboggan run."