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Where is B.Barnes (or . . the *holes on the bus)

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Does Bob B. still post here??? Maybe just not in this trivial general section I've pulled up technical archives but haven't seen a new post for awhile now.

Well, to 'splain the situation (thanks Carve. . I can't shake that now) and set up my current rant, . . .A friend and I hit Breck today. . . and after a wonderful day of great speed induced air off of peaks 8 and 9 (some 7) using some new/old Fischer 210 toothpicks we were on the bus heading back to the lot.

To make it short some absolute snotty *hole was rude enough to evesdrop on a conversation about skiing, long skis and technique, etc. and crudely contridicted my statement about a person I once knew. . . It was simply the attitude this idiot displayed about it. Although a friend that was with him was nice, he started off assinined and continued from there.

Well, being jovial I just had to antagonize him and made some half-cocked comment that I shouldn't have like "Really?? Do you ski with him??? (his answer . . yeah!) Well, . . what about Bob B.?? Have you skied with him??" (which I've never had the pleasure although he's taught me much here, . . . .and if you read this Bob I'll be at Key this weekend, . . and A on tue. . . and Breck again on . . !!!!)

Well, he swore he did so Bob . . and did so very often. Since I don't know him (nor you other than from here) from Adam all I said was "cool".

ANYway Bob, If you do happen to have a friend that you ski with regularly who says to you "someone who calls himself ski2xs says 'hello'" . . . .

Tell him I said . . . . . Well, nevermind.

Oh, and my ego says to tell him "I'll wait for him at the bottom."

I know I shouldn't let a pathetic loser ruin my great day or turn me into the same thing he is but DARN. . . Finally there's the whole point of my rant ! ! ! . . . can't we leave *hole attitudes behind!!!!!

NO?. . .Oh well I'll rant here and say [img]redface.gif[/img] "Oh Yeah!!!, and I still have the ability to ski those pristine toothpicks. . . at speed and in control because of the people I know and the instruction I read from people I don't, . . I still find them new in the wrappers the same way I buy my 2004 carvers jack*ss!!! It's not a money thing, it's a ski thing. It makes me wonder why your friend, who was actually pretty cool, chooses to hang with you. Oh and . . . my old Porsche's can still smoke your new Lexus, . . or Acura . .or whatever. . . . .and MY dad can beat up YOUR dad. . .

. . . . and I KNOW my old ski instructors can!

Sorry, the beer was good and I just had to vent to the world and ask . . .Is this a normal thing from living in snow country that I'm going to have to learn to deal with??? :

BTW, I still think about everyone who introduced me to this vertical motivation. They are the very reason I live where I do. I don't have to act like I know them. . although life seperated us from daily life, they're still family and if in need I know I can still come in the back door.

[ February 26, 2004, 11:40 PM: Message edited by: ski2xs ]
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sorry, I know there are many (and have met several lately) great locals in Summit, but geez!
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Sorry to hear about your problem. Yep, Bob's still here, just been busy working on revisions to his book and doing PSIA exams. You can PM him if you like.
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I need to. Friends who know him constantly tell me to nail him down one day, be his shadow and ski with him.
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Yep--still here. I haven't found time to post as regularly as I have in the past, but I'm really not in hiding! I've made a FEW posts in the last few days, and in the immortal words of Calfornia's current governor ... "I'll be back!"

I'll be in Breckenridge the next four days (Saturday through Tuesday) for our second Full Cert. exam of the season.

Sorry about the bad attitude of some of our locals. I won't say it's "normal," but it's not as uncommon as it should be, unfortunately. Whatever you said to him, sounds like he deserved it!

And, I know, my PM box is full....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Yep, . . .seems to stay that way Bob : Hey, but that's a good thing right?

Well, the beer was afterward so I honestly didn't say much except for my little snippit. I've seen oft that egos so bold, no matter if the actual talent exists, are usually backed by weak self esteem.

I've tried to PM you from time to time to check schedules, now that this stupid restaurant is up and going I have a little more time. I've been able to get out at least 1.5 days a week but now my wife decided to open a second larger and new location on 285. . . I swear she'll be the death of me!!!

ANYway, I'll speak with my ski partner - (I've finally gotten it through my thick head to NEVER go nuts solo!! Maybe I'll figure the helmet thing out soo?) - and see if tue. is a go. If so maybe we'll get the chance to watch some of these exams. I'm assuming it's not classroom! I'm getting really interested in knowing how to pass these [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] My wife would freak and I'd take a severe cut in my back pocket but I'd be a much happier person.

Besides, if these restaurants go I'll be a kept man anyway, right??? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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let's see, you have been skiing long enough to stil enjoy toothpicks but can't figure out where "this guy" gets his attitude? Hmm, haven't been on the snow much?
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Nah! On it about 1.5 days a week. Just don't associate myself with those types. When I happen to run into them I'm still just amazed. More and more though it seems people simply over-rate themselves. Lovers of themselves unto death. What a pity, it is the exact reason why little children are still starving and living in need.

What REALLY blows my mind are the snobbish fools who bring their kids up to act like that! As if they, for some reason (that I would love for them to define) are better and deserve more than others.

Some people just don't realize that no matter what you achieve (or to some acquire) in life, one thing will make us all equal . . .ie. . None of us will get out of life alive!!! So don't take life to seriously, and be humble and meek . . .for the meek shall inherit the earth!!
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