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best ski college

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I'm a freshmen in college for the upcoming year. I'm staying in the southeast, but already looking to transfer next year (2007-2008). Where is the best college to go ski, not necessarily competitivly, but to basically be a ski bum in college. I was thinking U of Utah in SLC or U of CO at Boulder. Any suggestions?
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Montana State, University of Vermont, St. Michael's College, Seirra Nevada College, Western Colorado State, Colorado College, what's in Washington??

It might be good to consider the programs the schools offer, skiing's great but if you're taking classes also they might as well fit what your life goals are.

Education or Bum/Party?? You can do both but a different type of student goes to Western State (wasted state) as opposed to Colorado College.
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Let me re-phrase. I'm not exactly looking to be a ski bum, just go to a good college, get a good education, and be able to ski ALOT!!! Skiing is my favorite thing to do and I really can't do it living in the Southeast on a regular basis, unless I drive 5 hours to NC, which isn't exactly what I'm looking for.
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Washington: WWU (Bellingham) - Mt. Baker, Whistler close, ****aga (Spokane) - 49 North, Silver, Schweitzer
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U of U
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The U (Utah). Good school, great skiing. Got my undergrad there, so I'm not biased or anything.



PS: If you can't make it as a bum in SLC, then you're not trying hard enough. Cheap rents, cheap food, cheap gas ($2.89/gal right now).
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All of these suggestions are an upgrade (ski-wise) over the Southeast. Find a school that is strong in the academic field you want to persue. Enjoy!
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I'm considering U of Utah. That is where we go every year and ski. We go to most of the places- Park City, Deer Valley, Brighton, Alta, Solitude, Snowbird. I have been there several times so I know my way around the city and all the resorts.
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Originally Posted by wasatchskier View Post
Let me re-phrase. I'm not exactly looking to be a ski bum, just go to a good college, get a good education, and be able to ski ALOT!!!
Not sure getting a good education and skiing a lot will go hand in hand...........................
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I highly recommend the University of Colorado at Boulder. I'm slightly biased since I graduated there in May, but having spent my last four years there, I completely fell in love with the state and town. I've had to move away since I joined the army and have been gone for nearly 3 months and am already trying to figure out how I can get back.

CU is within about 1.5 hours of Keystone, Winter Park/Marjane, Loveland(which is a bit closer), Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, and Arapahoe Basin. It's 2 hours to Vail and 4 hours from Aspen. In my 4 years I managed to ski all of those mountains...there's great deals on season passes for students, $175 to Copper/Winter Park, and $350 for Keystone/ABasin/Breckenridge +10 days to Vail/Beaver Creek.

The school itself is right next to the foothills of the mountains and the campus is gorgeous. It has a very liberal student population, but you can walk any line you want to there(I'm a conservative military guy myself and loved it). It's only 40 minutes from downtown Denver. The student population is incredibly involved in outdoor sports like rock climbing, skiing/boarding, running, you name it. There's a reason why Outside magazine recently labeled Boulder as the #1 outside town to live in.

Going to school there was one of the best choices I've ever made.
End of advertisement.
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I would consider U of U. If you have a car, you can live within 30 minutes of the University and still be on the snow in 45 minutes. A person can easily ski in the morning and attend class in the afternoon.

Boulder is not an easy commute to any ski area IMO.


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I forgot to mention the physics department earned 3 nobel prizes in the last 4 years, and the great engineering and business programs. It also sees 300 days of sunshine a year.

The football program has gotten some bad press lately, but we've just gotten a new coach and things should be looking up. I'm going to stop talking now, I could go on and on about how great it is, but I urge you to check it out.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I love the convenience of U of Utah and the close access to 8+ resorts all within an hour or so. I have skiied there a bunch and I know the mountains. I definatly want to check out U of C @ Boulder too. I think the student involvement in outdoors there may be greater. I am also a racing cyclist and U of C has a huge team, not sure about U of Utah. I will definatly check out both of these schools in the coming year...too bad I'm not there now!
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Colorado Mountain College?
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Originally Posted by barrettscv View Post

Boulder is not an easy commute to any ski area IMO.


except for Eldora, 45 minutes by city bus.
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Lots of ski instructors and patrollers commute from there to Loveland, ABasin, Winter Park, even Copper.
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Originally Posted by wasatchskier View Post
I will definatly check out both of these schools in the coming year...too bad I'm not there now!
I transferred to U of U during January (many years ago ). I was one of a smallish number of non-LDS individuals from out-of-town attending U of U back then. Not much in the way of hedonism in SLC during the seventies. I would carefully test the culture at the U of U to see if its a fit for you. U of C (my brothers University) might be a better fit if typical college behavior is important to you : .

I ended up not studying or skiing or partying as much as I should have (youth is wasted on the young, or at least in my case it was : ).

I eventually graduated from Northwestern and now live in Chicago. I can now travel to ski anywhere I want, but I can't find the time : !


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What do you want to study? You can find a great program close to skiing no matter what it is.

If you don't know what you want to study, Colorado Mountain College.
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I'm undecided right now, but probably either medical or business. I will take a look at Colorado Mountain college, don't know much about it. But I think U of Utah or U of C might fit me better because I'm looking for the big school atmosphere with football, etc.
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CMC has campuses in some great locations, Glenwood Springs and Steamboat to name two and is known for it's Ski Resort Management Program but keep in mind it's a community college not much emphasis on football.
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UT and CO, are probably best for bummin'. If you want to leverage alumni when you graduate and join a competitive ski program, think about Dartmouth.
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I can't believe no one mention DU (University of Denver) probably the highest rated western school mentioned and holder of over 20 NCAA titles in Division 1 skiing and hockey. The school has been totally rebuilt over the past few years and is very heavily endowed. Denver is a great and active city within 2 hours of every major CO resort (Vail, BC, Copper, Breck, WP, A-basin, Keystone etc,) Boulder is just 30 minutes away. DU has a great skiing tradition.

CU would be a great choice but Boulder may have "too much distraction" to get any real work done. DU is a better school rated among America's top 50.
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Im a WWU grad and if I was to do it all over again, it would definatly be WWU. Think about it, WWU is consistantly rated as one of the best public universities on the west coast, Has some of the best moutain biking in the world (Vancouver North shore) about an hour away. Baker gets the MOST snow in the world hands down. Whistler is 2 hours north, there area total of 6 ski areas within a two hour drive. Not to mention all of the outdoor activities in town.

If you need anymore proof of how good it is in bham / wwu pick up any copy of Powder mag, all of my pics in there where shot while I was attending WWU as a full time engineering student. So yes you can still get a good education and ski powder a 100+ days a year.
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University of Montana is only 30 minutes from Montana Snowbowl which is a great little mountain. It doesn't compare to Utah snow wise (we did have a deeper base at summit than most CO resorts last year), but there is great terrain, 2600 continuous verticle feet, and short lift lines (if any at all). I don't know much about the school aside from the fact that it is a liberal arts college, has a powerhouse football team, and it offers skiing class for credit.:

Unlike UT or CO schools, the city is small (50k) and the next closest place you could call a city in Montana is a 180 miles away (Bozeman). Missoula is a politically progressive town in an otherwise pretty conservative state.
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Originally Posted by wasatchskier View Post
I'm undecided right now, but probably either medical or business.
Well if those are your areas of interest and you're concerned about academics as well, University of Washington is the obvious choice. Top notch in both areas.

Not very close to great skiing, but Crystal Mt. at a 2 h drive is very good, Whistler is 4 h and Idaho 6 h. There are other less good areas closer to the city where you can get your fix. Class in the afternoon, night skiing at Snoqualmie. Could be worse.
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Speaking of Montana, why not MSU in Bozeman? 20 minutes to Bridger, bit more than an hour to Big Sky/ Moonlight. Decent size school with what looks like a fairly decent program.

I know U of VT was said ealier, but Ive known a few people who skied thiir way through college there and had a blast.
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East-Coast suggestions. St Mikes UVM UNH...or if youre real smart, Middlebury, Bowdoin, or Dartmouth. Anything in Boston is a few hours away too-BC BU Harvard MIT N'Eastern Tufts. Obviously the skiing out west is better, but Ive never had a "bad" day on the slopes out here either.
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Univ of Nevada?

30 min to Mt Rose, 45 to Squaw/Alpine....really nice weather....lotsa partying (if you so choose)...decent school with top tier athletics...

...45 min to the tahoe basin and 3.5 hours to San Fran if you need to get outta town....sick mountain biking....yada yada yada
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Montana State gets another vote from me. And as always, I need to push Michigan Tech. Skiing is literally out your front door...there is no driving 30 minutes or an hour to ski. Great school with a great pre-med program and a decent business school.
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