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Mike Rogan?

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I am holding the latest issue of SKI magazine and Mike Rogan is the featured skier in a seven-page article on equipment fixes. Mike makes "looking bad" look good! Of course, when he's skiing "good" he makes it look entirely too easy as our group at Stowe ESA last year (especially therusty, I believe ) found out.

Is he going to be at the various ESA's again this year?
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Kevin, I believe he's running the Tahoe one.
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True, that.
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Yo Kevin,

I did not "find out" about Michael's good skiing looking easy at Stowe last year.

I've skied with him before.

Stowe, however, was the first time he was comfortable enough to whoop my ass silly. BTW - on a scale of 1-10 (one being his best), he never showed us more than a 6 at Stowe.

If you ski with Michael once, he will make you a better skier. Ski with him enough, and do your homework; and he will find a way to take your skiing to a whole new level no matter what group you are in. If you ask for "more" and he thinks you're ready for it, you better make sure your helmet is on tight!
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Originally Posted by therusty View Post
If you ski with Michael once, he will make you a better skier.
There's your sign.
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