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TO MOM. Thanks for your explanation you said much better what I
was trying to say. You said it better, clearer and more con-

Good post!
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
So how far apart to hold your hands?

Technique says lateral balance can be managed by any symmetrical arrangement. What does form say?
But technique will also require a timely pole plant, and that will influence where your hands will be at any given time. It's a whole.

YA - Believer that form follows function (technique)
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
To me technique is what you do and form is how you do it. For example in a swan dive you spread your arms and push out your chest and the put your hands together past your head and align your self for the entry into the water. If you have good form, your are symetrical, your feet are together, you're not twisting, etcetera.
I see it in reverse:

Form is the final product (Hence the AST/PSIA term "Final Form") we seek.

Technique is the vehicle by which we attain it.

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See post number 4.
Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
My edit button doesn't seem to work.
I should have written, "Technique is what you do; form is how WELL you do it."

Sometimes words have two meanings.
The vehicle by which you atain it = what you do.
How well you do it could be seen as how well you match the ideal final form, or as in what style do you perform the final form.
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