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Last year i splurged for a new pair of skiis and decided on the pilot 10's 192cm. Despite some of thier shortcommings(I had a pair of Screm Series before them) I still thought they were a great ski. Unfortunatly on my last day of the season i managed to grate some loose wet snow off a rock, and tore the egde out of the ski. I was able to find someone to reapir them, but they are basically really expensive rock skiis now. I did find a place where I can get some 186cm Pilots without the bindings for fairly cheap, but i am worried about the shorter size. When looking st them originally I had wanted to go with the 186cm, but when we mouted the bindings we could not adjus them to get the center of the boot far enough back. The furthest back we could ge the boot was about 1cm forward of the center mark of the ski, so i went with the 192's. I was wondering what kind of performance characteristic changes I could expect from being more forward on the ski and having a shorter ski length.

P.S. I am about 6'2.5" and weight about 205, although I am on a training program to drop weith, and weighed about 220 last year.

thanks for the help