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A bit of a different take...

I have always been intrigued by White Pass turns and this thread got me thinking along these lines again...

**Disclaimer (both skis remain in contact with the snow)**

What about initiating the new turn with a dominant amount of weight on the inside leg (much like White Pass turns), the outside ski is weighted but is not the dominant force in shaping the new turn at this point.

Then, from initiation to apex of the turn, more weight is shifted from inside to outside resulting in 50/50 distribution at the apex.

Then, from apex to finish, weight is continuing to shift to the outside ski and it is now the dominantly weighted ski, which finishes the shape of the turn as the skier then initiates the new turn on that leg (new inside).

I say this because of gravity.

Gravity is always pulling us downhill, so it seems that the only time when gravity does not have more influence from one foot to the other is when pointing straight down (apex).

Usually, we shift weight to the new outside ski before the apex which is essential to engaging the outside ski for the turn, but seems contrary to the direction that gravity is pulling us.

So........would it be more effective to have 50/50 weight distribution at the apex?

This is very hypothetical, but I've tried it and it doesn't feel all that bad.

I'm not sure about the merits of it and it's been bouncing around in my head for a while, and wanted to see what you all thought.

Sorry Heluva, I think I hijacked your thread. But this idea was too close to yours to merit a seperate thread.