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PSIA 2007 Academy?

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Does anyone know when, and where it is this year? I really wanted to do last year's but they moved it to France!

I've been poking around and have found that if I book my flights now, the choice and prices are very nice, hence my need to know when (and where) the academy is so's I can incorporate the dates in my stay.
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Snowbird April 21-27 2007
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You little beauty!
How did you know that? I've been poking around their website, joined their forum, to no avail.
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go to www.psia.org and click on the alpine link-from there will will see an Academy link Terry
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Dang. I must go in the wrong way.

Edit: I do! I go into the login bit.
Well, I'll be there this season, with bells on. Finally.
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If you've made that decision, register as soon as possible. There is a limit to the number of spaces. You don't want to be on a waiting list and not know you're in until the last minute.
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I will. It books out so fast every year, it's kind-of a shame, they could flog so many more spots. They reckon it will appear in the autumn Professional Skiier, then on the website. I wonder why they don't have coaches on standby, then as they fill up spots they can slot them in as definites? Seems odd to me, you'd think they'd sell as many places as they could.
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There's only so many demo team members and ex-demo team members available to lead groups. That's what makes it such a great event.
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Yeah, I guess. Well I'm stoked to finally be able (read: solvent enough) to stay on a bit longer and do it. Finally!
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