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What would you pay?

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News article today that some, ahem, kind, generous soul has paid $425,000 to win an auction on ebay for a round of golf with Tiger Woods at Tiger's 'home' course in Florida. The monies go to The Tiger Woods Foundation. Now, if it was a chance to play around, ah I mean play a round with Annika Sorenstam, well that would be different

So, assuming with warm-ups, and some socializing (a post-round drink in the club house or the like) that this person will get about 6 or so hours of Tiger's time and attention which is about the same amount of time that a typical ski resort is open, maybe this could be a new fund raiser for the US Ski Team. How's about an auction on ebay of a day skiing with Rahlves or Miller or Street? Think it would sell?
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About $3.50.

I'd rather ski with Seth Morrison or Micah Black. Then I'd buy a lift ticket, or cover heli costs.
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I don't know for sure but I'd be surprised if the US Ski Team didn't have something that connects fundraising to chances to ski with members of the ski team.

Who WOULD be the biggest draw in this scenario, in the ski world? Maier? A FreeSkiHero? SCSA?
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Alot of the Ski Clinics that are out there are essentially paying money to ski with famous people. Of course, I only found this out after paying for it. They really aren't much interested in logging vertical feet. The X-Team (Egan's and Des Laurier), Smart Mogul and Extremely Canadian (Brooksbank and Smart) are the ones I've done.
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I'd want to ski with someone, who not only can ski, but is also humourous, intelligent and likes a drink.

Does anyone know of someone like that?

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I skied for free with Hermann Maier a couple of years back at Treble Cone in NZ. Got to know him really well - great guy. So there.

Translation: I tried to follow Hermann down a fast, steep, icy slope and he lost me within 50 metres. Most controlled bit of free skiing I have ever seen. Awesome. Never managed to ask all those questions I had in mind.
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Why, yes I do.

Ultimately, I ski by myself.

Celebs ski with themselves as well.
We can drink together, but only I know if I like the taste of the drink, and what it may do for me.

Who can tell the best jokes?

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How much ya offering? I may know a couple that fit the description ... trouble is they speak a funny language before they start drinking and then resort to realylongsentencesfullofwordswithnoliteralmeaningp uncuatedbyfitsoflaughter andcryingandbummingofsmokesfromprettygirlsthatsmil equickstrangesmilesanddancealone withweirdarmmovementsyourshout

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Sorry, CalG,
I guess my comment about someone who "likes a drink" didn't make much sense.

Likes a drink = likes to have a few drinks when the opportunity arises (e.g. any time a bar is open)
It doesn't mean liking a particular drink, just anything with alcohol in it.

Hope that makes it clearer.


P.S. As for Oz's friends, I'm not sure. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Met Seth Morrison, personality lags a bit behind some of his contemporarys such as McConkey, who is a really fun and warm person.

You skied with the Herminator? Awesome! Can you imagine what a monster like that would do on the freeskiing circuit? But there is no money in it - those guys make more $ from placing 3rd on a World Cup podium then they would from placing first in the World Extremes. So the cream of the cake from Austria and such are simply not putting any energy into the same competitions (and therefore movies).

Oh, speaking of the Herminator - here is the link to a sick clip of his wreck at Nagano:

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I'd pay Picabo just to shut up.

She's way too outgoing for me. I'd rather ski with someone with less personality.
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where do ya go to drop $$$ in that bucket?



wicked clip. thnx.
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I know your meaning.
I am too cryptic.

But I jest.

The jest is not to your comments, but rather the "value of association" I value the experience.

Does anyone recall the R. Redford/ M.J.Pollard film "Little Foss and Big Halsey"?

"It's where you been Little, Not how you did"
"It's how you did Halsey"

I value the experience of having a drink . If your there, fine let me buy one for you.
I'm not buying for just anyone though!

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I think outgoing and with lots of personality is fine . . . just not HER personality! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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