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Wachusset Night Racing

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Anyone looking for an new team member? Thinking about racing in the night league this season. I'm very fast with two martini's in me.

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lotta talk about some wa wa racing next season over on "alpine zone"...might wanna snoop around over there. I met barking bears at wa this season for some outstanding skiing but we haven't ventured into the race course yet(tho I plan to again at some point)
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Thanks a bunch. I'll check it out! Pray for snow this year.

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What is the gate set at WaWa like? I've raced at the Nashoba Valley course for the past couple years on Tuesday nights; that set is more of a slalom / GS hybrid. GS-style gates, but the gates have very little offset. Slalom skis rule at Nashoba. Is WaWa much the same, or do they have more of a "real" GS set?
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Wachusett is a real gs . . . a really, really easy and flat gs, but nevertheless, a real gs set, for which real gs skis are definitely optimal.
(I agree with your assessment of Nashoba: I used to coach a college team that would train there while the night league race was taking place, and getting any sort of real gs ski through that course would be difficult.)
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Thanks for the info. Is there time before / after the races to actually take a couple "fun runs" at WaWa or does the racing take up pretty much the whole night? I wouldn't mind racing at both Nashoba and WaWa but one night of standing around and freezing without doing much real skiing is enough.
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I do know some people who have competed in both Wa-Wachusett & Nosnowba in the same season, so you would not be alone. Some people even compete at WaWa on more than one night!

The course is usually open by about 6:00, and taken down by about 8:00. First-come/first-served: no start order. Lines can be bad early in the evening and early in the season. You can take post-race "fun/training" runs - just give 999 as your number and they'll know what it means. Sometimes they announce that such runs should not be taken b/c of the lines, but then again, why would anyone wait in a long line for that anyway?
Typically I try to get on snow around 5:30, take some warm-up and inspection runs, then my two race runs. After that, maybe ski around with friends a bit, then extra training runs, or help out slipping the jr race course.

On Thursday nights, liftlines on the two high-speed quads are often long in January, less so in February, and almost always pretty minimal by around 8. (I suspect that Monday is relatively quiet, although Tu & We are probably pretty similar to Th?) Always very bad if snow has fallen in Boston or Worcester or Providence during the week. (Get there early or else you'll have to part in the satellite lot and take a shuttle bus - on those days I often leave right after my race runs.) Lower quad serves the race trail and other flat stuff, although riding the lift over the terrain park and watching the jibonkers almost kill themselves can be amusing. Upper quad has three trails: one is designated slow so essentially off limits, another is ok (has a mogul field that can sometimes be pretty good), and another is quite decent but often closed off from 6-8 on Tu & Th for the jr race team.
However, the expansion area triple lift that serves the upper lower mtn, although not very speedy, and just lower intermediate terrain, NEVER has a liftline - ironic that they spent so much $$ fighting crazy enviros to put in a lift that nobody rides, but at least WaWa now has a pleasantly quiet part.
I assume the lodge is always crowded, although I never go in there. (Removing the Dobermann's on a sub-zero night in the parking lot often requires several tries and puts me on the verge of tears.)
Overall, compared to Nosnowba, I think Wachusett is in a different category altogether: much more of a real race course and real ski area, even if it does have its many shortcoming.
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