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Fill out my survey

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As part of an ISP I am doing about skiing I am doing a survey. Please fill it out. It can be found at.


thank you
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Hope my answers on your survey don't skew your resluts. Working at Gart I get proforms and employee discounts. My Mod's at $604 I got for $200. previously Salomon Superforce boots $624 got them for $224. Marker M51 Turbo Sc's at $395 got them for $150. Recently got Volkl F4's ($500) for $149 and Marker 8.1's $200+ got them for $79 or so.

Both are very different skis and ski differently... like them both. Out of practice with moguls but everything else I can handle. Getting back with moguls at slower speed and controlling the speed well now but nowhere close to a Wrren Miller film! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I filled it out as US$, but I'm wondering, is it US$ or CAD$ you want?
Like jyard, I also benefit from getting ski gear at reduced rates, so I'll probably skew the data further.

Let us know the outcome of the survey when it's finished (I take it you're also recording where people are posting from, and how they are getting to your page, so you'll be able to tell us how many from Epic filled out the survey.

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I also answered in US$ but to further skew it I am skiing on 13 year old skis, and can't even remember when the last time I bought a new jacket or ski pants was.
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I was actually able to answer in both US & CAN $s - zero still equals zero, although I suppose that could be debated! It really is nice to have a local shop that appreciates referrals...
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I too, skew your survey, I get nice pro deals also.
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Well, it does appear your survey is being at least consistently skewed.
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Don't worry I didn't break the trend . This being my first year on my own equipment, I spent around $500 (Dynastars good deal ebay, boots 2 pair (lost first pair) new jacket, poles) you get the idea :-D.
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