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Boot shopping - when?

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When do East Coast stores typically receive their full incoming season of stock? Particularly I'm shopping for Ladies/Junior expert boots in the smallest sizes available, and want maximum selection in my size to try. Early September, mid Sept, early October?
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Not sure about the east coast specifically but mid sept is probably a good time to start sniffing around and see when the new boots are coming in for cities. Before that may find some last season hold overs with good deals but beware the 'I want to get rid of this and it's close enough for you' deal. They may have a early season sale for some savings on new stuff to kickstart the buying season.
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Nestors in Quakertown has a ton out at this point. I would also suggest Langhorne Ski & Sport in Fairless Hills PA.
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thanks for the suggestions -
I'm also looking at custom liners as an option, too. Small foot = lots of space gaps.
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Pro night is at Heino's on 9/26 or around that date. All the reps are there with the latest and greatest stuff. You might be able to get in on that if you check with Ski Patrol. I'll check on the exact date and get back to you.
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