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Rossi Radical

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I can't imagine how well these would work. PM's radius calculator puts them at 14 m for a 170 length. That would be while carving yes?

Will this ski actually CARVE a longer radius if it is stiffened? Is it really possible, or are we getting bamboozled? Is this sort of "carving" something like trying to carve a 25M radius turn with a Metron?

Has anyone compared carvability with the radicals two different arms?
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Here is a thread from the Consumer Gear Reviews section where the Radical R11 and the MultiX 'thing' was discussed. It is impossible to change the radius of the ski without changing the side cut... simple ski construction tells us that. However, I think that the MultiX design gives the illusion of a different radius because of the dramatic (or maybe not so dramatic) change in the flex of the ski. Flex can have a significant impact on how easily or tight the skier can turn a ski... even more so for skiers who are purely recreational - which I imagine to be the target market. It may be a high performance ski, but I dont think you are going to see racers popping up with these things on anytime soon. It might make a nice teaching ski for instructors however. Short arms for teaching and long arms for when you are skiing alone or really cranking turns with a highly skilled client.
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Thanks Greg!
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did this ski get reviewed this season by the magazines? I have not seen it anywhere.
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Peter Keelty's site ( has a review on the Rossi Radical. It's a pay-site, but the best reviews around
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