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Where to stay in Telluride

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My wife and I looking for lodging in Telluride (hotel or B&B) not condo. Any recommendations of particularly nice places or places to avoid. Thank you in advance.
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You have three basic choices.

In Town: Beautiful old mining town, convienent walk to shops and restaurants, but expensive and noisey. Depending on where you stay it may be a few block walk on snow covered streets to the lifts.

Mountain Village: Pseudo Euro new construction of shops, bars and hotels (think Vail), quieter than in town, only pedestrian traffic, easy access to lifts, and a free gondola ride back and forth to town at all hours. Some accomodations a little cheaper than in town, but also very expensive ones. Some very nice views but not as awesome as in town.

If you stay in Town or at the Mountain Village you do not need a car, so you can shuttle from the Montrose or T-ride airport and you are good for the week.

Out of Town: Ridgeway or Rico. 45 min. drive on mountain roads that can be a little sketchy if it snows a lot, cheaper accomodations including 1/2 price lift tickets. Rico has one restaurant at the one hotel. Ridgeway has a few motels and restaurants, plus Ovris Hot Springs and it is about 1/2 way to Silverton from T-ride. There are also a couple of small places "down canyon" around Sawpit on the way to Ridgeway that I don't know about, which are about 15-20 minutes from town.
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if staying out of town, Ouray is only, I think, about 8 miles south or Ridgway. Lots of cheap lodging (summer is high season), hot springs, beautiful setting. Don't know if the lodging there offers lift discounts.

Rico, it is necessary to cross lizard head pass each way. However, that is not the sketchy part of the road. That would be the area between new Ophir and Mountain Village (locals - sorry, don't know the name of the stretch).
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San Sophia Inn. Wonderful B and B with excellent breakfasts. A few blocks from the lifts and in town. Another option is Telluride Mountainside Inn. Ski in/out. I would recommend staying in town. You can walk to everything. There is no need for a car in T-ride. Shuttle from Montrose Airport in to town. Any more advice needed, feel free to ask. You will love Telluride! It is one of the most picturesque towns in CO and the Rockies for that matter and great skiing, most importantly!
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Stay in town if you don't mind the (short) walk to the gondola.

The New Sheridan - gorgeous, iconic, romantic and very affordable. Terrific location, good breakfast, on-site restaurant and cosy bar, great view from the roof top hottub.

There are self contained rooms, but the rooms with shared facilities (nice modern bathrooms, no waiting) are a bargain.
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try www.vrbo.com for more choices. Nice places but not hotel or B&B. Private homes etc. Might not be so great for just two people.
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Telluride Hotels

Three places I'd recommend all of which are in town:

1) Hotel Columbia - At the base of the gondola. Great service, small hotel, and 50 ft from the gondola. Check out the restaurant Cosmopolitan whether you stay here or not.

2) Camels Garden. Another great hotel 50 feet on the other side of the gondola.

3) Telluride Hotel. Luxury hotel newest of the bunch but requires the shuttle to get to the mountain (2 minute ride).

Ouray is a nice town, but is a 50 minute ride in good weather. Getting over Dallas Pass between Ridgeway and Telluride can be iffy in bad (good if you're on the mountain) weather.
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Or you could hit up Tom and Katie. It looks like they might need to hide out there through the winter and they might need the company. You could offer to change a few poopie diapers in exchange for their hospitality.
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Do not joke about Tom. He does not take a lot of sh-t.

He will let you hunt on his property. Hire for an assistant for 6 figures -- but fire/rotate you away when you know too much.

However, work on one of his movies, he is kind enough to fly you to the opening -- on his private jet.

However, do not go near Scientology with him. It gets scarey fast.
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