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K2 Enemy: Good all around ski?

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As many of you know, I use the Rossi T-Power Cobra X shorty slalom in a 160 cm length for firm snow and the K2 Mod 7/8 in a 174 cm length for everything else. In corresponding with a skiing professinal who appears to know his skis, I am wondering if I may be better served by the Mod 7/8 [now to be called the Axis] in a length closer to 170 [such as 167]. My only concern with a shorter length is the float in deeper snow - I know I would enjoy the shorter length otherwise. Also, the K2 Enemy - a twin tip - is said to be a very good all around ski, even for someone who does not need the twin tip feature. I am the quintessential AVERAGE skier, 145 pounds, to be 60 years old in October, and have been skiing for about 10 years. I would like to have some input from anyone who has knowledge of these K2 skis - particularly the Enemy.<FONT size="1">

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From what I know of the Enemy (only skied it one day) it is a pretty good all round ski as far as twin tips go. There are twin tips with more spark and life to them (eg the Volant McT), but the Enemy is a fairly solid piece of kit.

I felt that whilst not as quick tip to tail through the turn as the McT, the Enemy probably just about edged it in variable terrain. It feels that bit more reliable in softer snow and a bit less unpredictable.

That said, I'm not sure it would be the ski to go for if you don't need the twin tip aspect, as there are "normal" skis, whose only tip is at the front, which are better all round the mountain.

However, if, on turning 60 (congratulations and many happy returns!) you feel you need to spice up your skiing with some "sick" aerials, the Enemy might be your cup of tea.

Best advice - demo. That's all there is to it. What I say may be totally dofferent to what you think when you ski them, so give them a shot.

Good luck and happy skiing.


Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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Ya even though I only skied the Enemy briefly I thought it was good all around. But if you don't need the twin tip there is no reason to buy a twin tip ski.
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Sick ariels, ya, sure, of course.
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Not another pair of skis!!?? Will it ever end?..LOL....kidding None of us are ever satisfied with our gear and must indulge ourselves. But twin tips??? See you in the park!
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Twin tips? Why not? I know tons of excellent skiers who ski Enemys, 1080s, Mc's, V's, PowAir's etc... who are not huge park people. These are just good all around skis. Every ski ought to have a turned up tail. Why not, it just makes it more versatile. In a hairy chute, normal tails can get hung up, especially if the chute is 8' wide and concave. If you need to slide backwards between hops, or sidslip back words to set up your next turn, a turned up tail is very practical. Also, twin tips are more fun. Really, I am not sure why, but there seems to be a concensus on this one. Maybe it is the easy release from a turn. Maybe it is the short lengths they come in, or their nice wide footprint. Maybe they look silly, and this helps people to get silly. I am not sure why, but twintips rule. Besides, skiing backwards is easy, fun, and cool. Hell, 180's to switch landing are super easy, you don't even need a jump for them, just try it while you ski. All of these stupid fun tricks will make you a better skier, and a less predictable (see boring)one. Ski them and you will be enlightened.
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