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Fat Factors

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A very interesting article in the 8/13 NY Times Sunday Magazine.(Registration may be required to access).

A highly recommended piece - lengthy, but again, very interesting.
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Yes, I read that article as well. I like the part about one in ten cells are actually human. The rest? Amazing. Hard to get my pea brain around that fact. And by the way, watch out for skinning people sneezing on ya'.

It's hard work as I get older keeping a not so trim figure. This year is devoted to losing the extra pounds so I stop plowing trenches.

Yes, it's a good article. Hope the research produces good results.

Ski and be Mary
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Wonder if anyone's looking into it from the chronic fatigue syndrome angle.
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Or M.S.
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There's someone in my gut and it's not me

Hey I have a theory that's what yoghurt does. There are some indications it makes you less susceptible to viruses and helps you lose weight. Add some good bugs to eat/kill the bad ones.
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