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Telemark Skis for 1st Timer

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I am a beginner skier with 6 years of snowboarding experience but little alpine skiing. I tried telemarking and fell in love with it. I am 5'4 and 150pnds. What length ski should I be looking at for my first pair?
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Since you're not getting a lot of response here, you might try this link.


First questions I would have are; when you tried it before, what length and type of skis did you use? Were they skinny, mid-fat, or fatties? Did they seem too long or short? Male or Female? I think though that you'll get better beta at the other site than you likely will here. Good Luck!
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I use Rossignol B2's in a 176 length. I'm 5'9" and about 160lbs ... but I have also been skiing for about 28 years although not much on telemarks. I went for the Rossi 'cos they are soft compared to my alpine skis as well as really light and so more forgiving, although not especially stable. They were also on sale, which helps ($350CAD from new) This was also based on a recommendation from another instructor who telemarks a lot. The advice I got was to go for a length similar to what you would take if getting a pair of all mountain alpine skis.
If you are fairly fit & reasonably aggressive I would probably be opting for around 170cm.
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My only reccomendation is to go with a little wider softer ski than a similar sized advanced skier might use. The stability of increased width helps with the multiple balance issues involved in learning to make a proper tele turn. Just make sure it isn't too wide and that it has decent sidecut for carving. I would say something around 80-85mm waist with a medium range sidecut would be good. You also do not want a very stiff ski, particularly not one with a stiff tail that will punish you if your weight is not distributed properly between your skis, something that will be a constant occurence while learning. If possible buy a tele specific ski and not an alpine ski, which are generally stiffer.
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I would start in the 160 - 170 range. Your upper end will likely be 170 anyway. You probably can't go wrong with some of the popular mid-range skis, like the K2 Super Stinx. If you're trying to decide between two skis, go with the wider one. The 80-85mm suggestion was good, though I'd stay closer to 85. There's nothing wrong with getting a good deal on alpine skis and retrofitting them with tele bindings, just make sure they're soft enough.

Bindings are very important - get something good. That basically means G3's or Hammerheads.
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Originally Posted by vinn View Post

Bindings are very important - get something good. That basically means G3's or Hammerheads.
Bindings are a very personal choice. I personnaly don't like that active of a binding. I like to 'micro' adjust (add fine feedback) to the ski the whole turn, and having that much spring action to overcome reduces my abilty to do that. I also don't like that much tension during ascents.

Anyway, make the effort to demo several types of bindings before you settle on a certain type (active vs. neutral).

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Ditto on softer, wider skis. Check out alpineer.com, they had Rossi Powderbird`s, special editions going for $249. They took the metal layer out, making them softer and lighter and they`re around 84mm underfoot.
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