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I've got some Lange boots that I have to get rid of before I buy a new house. So here’s your chance to pick up some back up or loaners. I'm 99% sure that all the boots have never been skied on so are basically new other then the heel scraps from walking on concrete. To save headaches boots are being sold AS-IS no returns or refunds.

Here’s the list,

CRL 70 Size 8.0 Black
CRL 70 Size 9.5 Black (2 Sets)
CRL 70 Size 10.0 Black

CRL 80 Size 9.0 Blue (2 sets)
CRL 80 Size 9.5 Blue

CRL 90 Size 9.0 Black
CRL 90 Size 9.5 Black

I think that all the boots are 05 models
I want $100 a pair (Firm on price, remember im buying a house!)
I can send pics if requested, would have posted them but I didnt want to clog the site up. If they dont sell here ill just end up putting on ebay (selling for $150 + on there).