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K2 Www?

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I am thinking about geeting a K2 World Wide Weapon. But i am worried that it won't perform well outside the park. Like if i go offpist or just crusing down the slopes or going real fast.

Can someone tell me if it works good in other places as the park.
Becuse i need a better parkbord but i still want to be abel to do the other stuff.

Thank's in advance
// Walter
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My son has his second WWW. It's the only board he has and he uses it everywhere including our trips to Colorado (trees, bowls, groomers). I'll ask him if he has any problems, but I haven't seen any. BUT - he really hasn't tried anything else ,so he might not know what he is missing.
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Thx for the answer i have orderd one now! so i will see soon myself
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