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Don't Ski Faster Than Your Magic

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At what speed does a skier feel that he has over stepped his ability level? When everything gets blury or perhaps when you crest the top of a run @ a high rate of speed only to see a herd of Interlopers traversing the whole friging run. No, I think it's when he gets up from the table in the bar and gets that Ski-Apre feeling.
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the point where I start cartwheeling
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ahhh yes the egg beater,yard sale,blow-out.
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it has happened to me.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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1) When the view goes; snow, sky, snow, sky, snow, sky.

2) When the speed is so high, your clothes catch fire.

3) When you look down to find either one, or both, of your skis missing. See #1

4) When you notice the distinct taste of bark
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I thought pin heads lurked about the fringe of a tree line waiting for some lame rider to encroach on their realm before sneaking up on them in their low-pro style and pouncing upon them. Afterwards they squirt through some squirrel hole only to disappear into the shadows of the trees. I've only seen one crash,he looked like a broken stick man. Kokotele Ski Army lives. http://www.kokotele.com/burley.gif
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when you catch an edge and you hear the binding pop and everything switches to slo mo as you watch various pieces of equipment pop off. (see JohnH's post snow-sky)
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="Whip down a black groomer, think its fun to start jumping off the cat tracks that you pass, to your surprise as you clear one at about 40 miles per hour or so, that entire slope turns into a mogul field after the "slow down" warning sign, that you ignored on your way over the cat track... It could happen to you... "=

Aspen mountain has got to be the king of these esperiences. You think I would have lerned the first (or even second) time.
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At high speed when I hear a click and think, this is probably going to hurt.
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slider, the leap a cat track and land in a mogul field happened at Okemo, long before i discovered teles, but right after i discovered 225 cm Dynamic DH boards. Probably happened at 50+mph. Real ugly.

if you want to see some pin heads wreck hard, come ski bridger with my buddy rich and i. Two 6'2, 200#+ tele maniacs. Usually going real fast.

My philosophy is that there is no situation so bad that you can't make it worse by going faster!

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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I will see you a Montana and raise you an Oregon. Just happens to be I plan on a ski trip in those neck of the woods next season. And maybe on up to Panorama,ect...
You guys every get down to Mt. Bachelor let me know. I'll be leaving for Wyoming next week and won't be around the computer this summer. So I'll drop in on the message board when I get back...Just about ski season. I give you the 3 pin salute. La-Ta, Slider the Glider
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I think you've overstepped your ability when you've hiked something or you're skiing some massly tree populated, deep, narrow stuff and you fall, and you can't ever get up because the terrain you were riding was so steep and you are SO outta control, and the snow then turns into hurting snow, and instead of laughing at yourself while tumbling down the powder, your ankles are twisted because you se your bindings were set too tight...

That would really suck----
But some people (like Roger the Skiing bear) say I need to be more agressive so that one day I too will fall and hurt myself immensly.

"When hell freezes over, I'll ski there too"
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When blackout occurs before the crash actually happens. Somewhere, your mind understands that it is going to hurt even though you are not concious, yet, of this thought.

Falling forward onto the teles and straight running steep trees American-Flyer-stylie also seems fast at any speed.

When in doubt, run it out.
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