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Skis for my 13 year old son - recommendations

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Hi All-
I am done renting each year for my younger son...its time to buy. He is a beginner, has just started learning to carve...but is intimidated by many trails. He needs a ski that will not be over-powering but something he can grow with for a couple of years. We mainly ski hard pack...typical downstate NY....and sometimes we go up to VT. for a weekend. Something that help him initiate a turn...a good ego ski. He is not a fast skier and his personality is not aggressive.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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Have you thought about a seasonal lease? some of the better shops do offer some great programs. But if you purchase, look used and I wouldn't look to to get more than a season out of them. Same with boots, do not look for soemhting to "grow into", get something for ONE season only.
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Yes, each year we do the seasonal lease. It costs me about $125 each year and it is the bottom of the barrel equipment. I understand the boots thing...I went through plenty of pairs growing up...more interested in what skiis would work for him as he develops. He is around 5'3" tall, 110 lbs. I can't overstate this enough...he is a non-aggressive skiier...so its not as if the skiis will get trashed. He is by far a cruiser that is learning to carve a bit.

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http://cgi.ebay.com/Atomic-2005-M-9-...QQcmdZViewItem That would be a real nice set up for him.
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Good setup posted by Phil, and I'd say that's the max length you'd want to look at. You should be able to find good deals on really short men's skis (140-157) IMO something in the 145-150 range would be ideal, because as an aggressive skier he won't really need the extra stability coming with a longer ski. He would definately enjoy the easier initiation and maneuverability of shorter skis, even if you can only get a year or two out of them. Sorry I can't really recommend any specific skis, but in the beginner-intermediate range differences between brands are quite negligible, so look for a model with similar dimensions to what Phil posted and soft flex.

Edit: Of course if you think he just needs more stability and would feel comfortable going a bit faster, then look at something in the 155-160 range.
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Phil generally has good judgement but maybe the Atomic M-9 is overkill. At 110 lbs. there are many skis that would work for him. Junior skis are a great value but you have to know what to look for.

What does the boy say about skis? Doesn't he talk about a twin tip? My guy skied on a (Line)10something - maybe a 1060, and it was ideal for a kid that size. It really helped his skiing.

If you want him to become more agressive take a close look at his boots. Kids boot are too stiff and too hard to leveage. Get em soft and make sure the fit is right. If the shell is too big he won't be abe to get leverage. My guy skied on a flex 60 and that helped.

Keep an eye on the way he skis and watch for flex problems.
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For a good deal, the K2 Apache Jr in a 146 or 153, on sale at REI.com for $75, free shipping to any REI store. Fantastic carving ski for intermediate to advanced juniors, similar to the Apache Crossfire IIRC. Totally took my daughter's skiing to the next level this February.
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Another great, cheap, easy ski is the K2 Fujative. It's cool because it's a twintip, easy to ski, and did I mention cool? At that age, cool points are more important than performance, but my son found the Fujatives to work fine on central NY and southern VT ski slopes. You can generally find them for under $200 at the short lengths.
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Many of the good shops will lease you top of the line gear and for not much more. Stay away from the "big box" shops.
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great input...thanks all. Going to look at a lot of stuff on e-bay...What about the Atomic Izor? Volkl Energy 320? Anything in K2? How about the Head 200/210 or 220?

He is not into the looks that much...so anything fancy is a waste. Tell you the truth I think I am more excited than he is to buy him skis.
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