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Motion in Poetry

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The following is not much but it came to me more or less all at once while looking up toward the top of Revenge off the Sierra lift at Copper a few years ago. I was watching my buddies follow my path down toward me. The plunge off the cornice hopefully seems huge and vast but in reality it was hardly a cornice at all…more like a lip with a few feet of air. But, as a poet I have the license. Enjoy.

The Plunge

(for pete and rob)

eyed against the ultra

dare fear
air off the cornice

sink our teeth
into the sun
slushed steep

carve arcs
wide swaths of speed.

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Very nice! Thanks for sharing. [img]smile.gif[/img]

I'm not very good at this but I'll try a Haiku:

Snow falls lightly now
Soon I will take many turns
Perma grin shines big
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most excellent

good Chimp

bring more

we wait

breath bated
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Howz bout:

Snow finally comes.
Brings my second child to me.
Soon my kids will rip.

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