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FS Skis, and some other stuff

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I know I don't have very many posts here, but I promise I won't just take your money and run, I only do that in real life so the person has a chance to actually chase me. Just kidding, I've been a member at the TGR site for a while (leroy jenkins) and have sold/bought a decent amount of stuff there while managing to not get myself run out of town and lynched, so uh, trust me if you want, ok I'm rambling, here are the goods.

04-05 167 Volkl Superspeeds. With marker motion system demo bindings. SKIED 3 DAYS. These things really are exactly like new. $400?

04-05 170 Rossi Scratch FS's with rossi demo bindings, skied about 15 days, never any core shots, delams, or any real scratchs on the base at all. Edges have had a couple nicks, but nothing a tune wouldn't take care of. $300

05-06 195 Salomon Ak Rocket Swallowtails Mounted with tyrolia mojo 15s (din 5-15) at a 295mm bootsole. Mounted once before for salomon bindings, I think around 310-315mm. Skied less than 15 days, one small scratch on the base, maybe three inches long, and 6mm wide, but pretty shallow. Its just deep enought that a stonegrind probably wouldn't get it all the way gone. $300

Thats all for now, although I have some other lesser things I might add later. All prices are negotiable. I don't want to let anything go for dirt cheap, but it never hurts to ask, so ask away. Oh, all prices do not include shipping. I am leaving to go back to college in about a week, so if anyones interested let me know before then. I can post pics of everything if anyones interested, just let me know.

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Where are you located?
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Aspen, until about the 22nd, at which point I will be driving to Bozeman, Mt.

If you're interested in something theres a chance I could drop it off if you live along the way.
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Some more stuff

Spy blizzard goggles, blue frames. The lenses are too scratched to use, but the frames are in good shape. Free.

Easton EA50 High Rise handlebars Used for about three rides while my carbon bars were being warantied. $40

Mad max bike helmet. Someone told me these were light enough to ski in, I bought one online and skied in it one day, before deciding it was WAY too heavy for that. Never crashed in it or anything. $50

Kokotak Dry top Don't know what model, but its blue. Its a few years old, but has done nothing but sit in my closet after I got rid of my paddling stuff. The gaskets are all in good shape. Probably worn about 15 times. $60

Smith slider 3 glasses old but good shape, with brown red and yellow lenses. I got these as a gift and they just didn't fit my face so they've just sat around for a couple years. $20

Smith Vodoo glasses With scratched up blue lenses, decent brown yellow and rose lenses, and polorized brown lenses. The frames have seen better days, one of the arms can pop out of its socket if you push on it, but if left alone, they stay in place fine. $10

Rossingnol axial heel peice Din to 14. I just figured maybe someone broke a heelpeice and needed a replacement. Free.

Dakine Chilkats Pack Used a decent amount, but still in perfectly working order, no signifigant wear or tear. Orange grey and black. $30

Leedom Helmet Lower end model, used, but no hits taken in it. Small to medium fit. Grey $10

Large Blue Boulder gear ski pants Not gore. Free.

Osprey Eclipse 25+5 Pack Brand new in plastic. Really nice pack. $70

Few year old Rossi slalom skis, with rossi race bindings. These were one of the first years they started doing the super agressive sidecut for SL. I'll check on the details in anyones interested. $100

I also have a couple pairs of salomon skinny brakes.
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do you know what year the rossi slaloms are? what length?
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Interested in the Salomon AK's. Can you send pics please?

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Kokatat dry top- what's your shirt & collar size?
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PMed about the rockets
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Interested in the Rossi Scratch's...PM please.
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