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Thanks BigE, great info.

I have not been doing the bands, I did a couple of years ago when I first injured the rotator cuff during PT. This reinjury isn't as bad.

I have been doing weights the last 7 weeks, but none of the problematic ones you listed. I have been doing shoulder presses, no more than 5 lbs. with the injured side, and DB bench presses, no more than 7.5 lbs that side. Also side raises but only about 1 lb on that side.

The shoulder does seem to be getting better from these workouts not worse.
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Glad to here that the side raises are only done with 1 pound. During rehab, I got up to 3, and had to quickly move back down to 2... My PT claimed that only the strongest can safely do 5, and the professionally grown lumps o'muscle can do 10.

The external rotation band exercises can also be done using dumbells, lying on your side - again, 1 pound starting weight. I got up to 3. Keep elbow on side of body, and at 90 degrees. the lift is from the floor to parallel forearm.
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