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It is sore and fairly stiff.
I am having trouble extending and stretching it.

The whole issue is making me very nervous with the ski season three months away.

I have know idea what the problem might be.

Any " on line" thoughts?

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I am prone to the same problem in my right knee. Mine is a combination of arthritus and an old football injury (I am 66). Here is what has worked for me: I have switched from running to biking, and hill walking. I am a huge fan of the book Core Performance by Mark Verstegen. He has some great strethching and "Prehab" exercises. If I don't do the exercises at least twice a week, my knee (and lower back) start to complain. I have used his program now for over two years.
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Originally Posted by patprof66 View Post
I am a huge fan of the book Core Performance by Mark Verstegen.
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Great Book! However, you really need to get an accurate diagnose by a qualified physician. Does arthritis run in your family?
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Until someone comes up with a specific recommendation based upon experience in the New Hampshire area, look for an orthopaedist who 1) is board certified in sports medicine, or at least is an athlete themselves--call the ski team coach at Okemo, maybe; 2) specializes in knees, as opposed to someone who's cranking out hip replacements for sr. citizens, 3) has a good relationship with the best physical therapist in your area--ask P.T.'s In general, I've found them to be a good referrence for orthopod's.

Meanwhile, baby that knee (R-I-C-E is the formula, Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation). If it's hurting, you won't get any benefit from training, and could do harm.
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I would suggest getting your primary care doctor to have a look at it and then refer you out to an Orthopedist/Orthopedic Surgeon. There are several good guys in this field if you are willing and permitted by your health insurance to travel down to Boston. You'll probably need an xray and an MRI to get an initial diagnosis to determine what if any damage has occurred, as well as a physical exam to further determine what's going wrong.
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Dr. Stedman is the best for ski injuries. He works with the US Ski Team.
He's in Vail.
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