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Out of My Element

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Its June 25 not December 25.

As I pounded the treadmill tonight all I could think about is AT bindings and BC skiing.

Running hard thinking . . . "this will all pay off at altitude."

More sweat and my legs hurt . . . got to break through the pain. Thinking . . . . Steeps will be easier. Now thinking about running form . . . CM Forward . . . stay on the ball of your feet. . .

Thinking . . . hold your form quiet upper body . . . limited motion. . .

Yep just like skiing. I'm not built for the warm weather.


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Man i wish i had the inspiration or motivation to get my gluteus maximus (The largest and outermost gluteus. says websters) onto a tread mill. Instead i sit on my computer chair thinking about how id go mt.biking or running or something if it were only 10 degrees cooler, or maybe 80 degrees cooler and then i could go skiing.....hmmm......
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You gotta get off the treadmill and get outside. Enjoy the fresh air and scenery, if there is any of that in Cleveland.
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It's all in Shaker Heights.
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No way.

We don't go outside anymore in Ohio West Nile VIRUS. Can't wait for winter. Well at least all the pigeons that live in my eaves will be gone. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]


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No what ya mean, Eddie.
98 ? temps and endless depos are bad for the bod.
Guess i'll get on the treadmill tomorrow and follow yer good example; or, on second thought, maybe I'll just go to the basement and wax m' skis.
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LIVES!!!!! Good to hear from you bud. Hey join me for the Gathering?

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If you run fast enough, the mosquitoes can't get to you.
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I say, ignore Shaker Heights and shoot for Quaker Depths. That's where your answer is, PD!

Mtn bikes/road bikes are good complements to skiing, as is true uphill and downhill hiking with a fair weight in a backpack. Add in some Fruit Booting (inline skating) and you have a summer of ski preparedness.
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Mtn/Bike???? What's that?? I spend to much time on the telephone on those toll free numbers to MT. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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I love biking in the summer. I went 22 miles today with my sister in about 2 hours. It's great for the legs and the (in my case) overused gluetus maximus. Hill climbing is good for the skiing muscles and I find biking overall to be very enjoyable.

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