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Skiing w/ Motorhomes??

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We are considering getting a motorhome for weekend trips to our local ski area, and for going to son's away races. I know almost nothing about motorhomes, and wondered if anyone out there has any tips or experiences i.e. what brand to buy, size for family of 4+dog, ease of use, reliabilty, cost to run and maintain. I want something relatively young( <10 yrs ), and want to spend under $25,000. Is that even possible? :
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Might want to check with the local ski areas and the ones you want to visit, some do not allow for overnight camping in the lots with a motorhome due to snow removal.

$25,000 buys a lot of hotel rooms.

Having a motorhome would be so cool though!
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And then you have to figure out where to park the darn thing, prevent it from freezing, how's it going to handle in the snow,

and then... how will you be driving up those steep windy roads, slick, snowy or icy, putting up the grade, with 15 or 40 irate 4x4's behind you.

I do know some ski areas rent RV hookups out.

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Pauliestew, check out this thread from a little while ago.
I have both a motorhome and a Airstream travel trailer. I prefer the trailer as I can park it as a base and easily drive around. The total cost is also far less as I already have a tow vehicle and the trailer doesn't wear out like the runing gear on the motorhome.
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My boy... You've come to the right place! Tell ya what I'm gonna do! Opps.. I'm not selling car an I? :

I suggest an MH about 22 ft. long. They sleep six. (or 12 newly weds) These can be parked within two parking meters if you have to. Gas is fine, deisel might be better. Your choice.
Get a C cab. These look like the front end of a truck's nose with a house on it. A A cab looks like one big box. If you ever have to get towed, just to hook up an A cab costs about $99. $52 for a C cab. This is fact.
Make gawd-awful sure teh roof doesn't leak anywhere! I can't stress this enough!
In the 70's the popular ones were Dodges. Very reliable. If you get one that old it's ok but be sure the power train is good (engine and trans.).
If you can find one with a generator, that's great! This will power the house lights, etc. while camping, etc. If it has AC, good; better yet another AC for the 'house'(roof AC). People may whine, "But that costs so much in gas, etc." Hey! Just camp out on a hot day and see what I mean.
Propane frig.- Doesn't use very much propane at all. The house furnace (heater) sucks it dry! Without using the heater we can go for 3 weeks without refilling the propane tank. Use the heater for 4 days, this drops it to a little over a week! consider getting a catylitic heater with a fan they sell at sports stores for about $50-$70. These are so safe you can use them in tents!
Consider getting an extra propane tank to carry inside, and an extend-a-stay kit. When you are camped for a long period of time you hook up the extra tank to a 'T' at the onbaord tank. Now you can stay till hell freezes over.
Most MH's have only 30 gal water tanks. This is rather inconvenient, but who wants to burn a lot of gas hauling around 100 gallons of water? 30 gallons is good for 4 showers and one or two loads of dishes. We carry two 7 gallons jugs we can fill and bring back to the MH. It takes two trips if you're close to a water source and have a second vehicle. if we are taking only the Mh we fill the jugs too.
Black water tank- gotta dump it at the right places (poop water). Grey water tank- Legally you can dump it anywhere but no one wants you to know that. Grey water is dish water,etc.) I was a camp ground host. This is so. Just don't let anyone see you do it. Everyone thinks they know the laws and they hassle you about it. You will find the grey water tank fills up right now. The black water tank takes a while. If you can, dump both at a dump station.
Here's the biggie. This is true and this works! I've done it many times. No one believes me until they try it themselves. -

The toilet deodorizers work well, but if youi are out, take about a 1/2 head of green cabbage, chop it up and dump it in the toilet. 20 minutes later you won't smell anything!!! Last for about 2 weeks! The chemical stuff is best because it helps break down the toilet paper, etc. (and we know what etc is!) Use the desolvable paper too. Less chance of clogging up the outlet of the black water tank, and you don't want to have to unclog that puppy! And you won't get your wife to do it, guaranteed!
Neat trick to save you $900. If your frig starts to warm up... tie everything down in the MH and go find a bumpy road. A corduroy road is best. Drive down this road like hell! The vibration will de crystalize the amonia in the frig and get it flowing again, and the frig starts working again in about 1/2 hour.
Newer MHs are nice but many have various circiut boards which take the place of old mechanical devices. These like to go bad. Usually you see this on brand new MHs. There's always something that doesn't work on those.
Run everything to make sure everything works, and again, the roof better not leak. Look for signs of old leakage. Pan in the wallet to fix.
Are you sure you still want one?
I'll check back later.
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Pauliestew, I presume you have read the thread to which you were referred by Pierre.

One thing more to ad: in nearly twenty years of RVing, the greatest lament of motorhome owners WHO DO NOT PULL A CAR( a dinghy, in RV terms) is that every time they want to go somewhere, a restraurant, grocery shopping, skiing, etc. they have to break camp, which means all dishes, toasters, TV and remotes, have to be stowed away or tied down, the hookups have to be disconnected, leveling has to be undone, and a zillion more things which come up.

Many folks want a motorhome because they think they can roam around in it while driving. Not so. Everybody should be seated with a seat belt fastened while underway, whether in the drivers seat or in the dinette, and opening the fridge while driving can have the contents all over the floor.

So with all other things equal, being able to drive a seperate vehicle while leaving the "house" where it is soon becomes a necessity, especially when the kids or the wife decides not to go skiing today but you have to drag them along to the area parking lot. 5th wheel trailers pulled by a extended cab truck allows the trailer to sit in the off times without the engine going stale or even an extra engine to take care of.

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There are good arguments pro and con for both MH's and trailers. Trailers can be really touchy in snow and ice. Some places that do not like Mh's don't like trailers either. There are exceptions whereever you go.
True- not supposed o move around in an MH when on the road, but we do don't we? Bottom line is, consider the hassle you don't want then choose the other!
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Thanks for the feedback everyone. Jyarddog your comments are a crackup, had both my wife and I bellylaughing. We have definately narrowed it down to a 22-30' RV. Trailers are out, we don't have a truck and my Outback ain't that strong. Lot's of skiers do the Rv thing at out home area, Steven's Pass, so that's not a problem. I guess it comes down to cost, I'm not convinced it's worth it yet. I'll have to pick brains at the ski area. I'll let you know.

Paulie :
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Pauliestew- Remember the cabbage trick. I f you are in a campground, tenting, and use the vault-toilets (outhouse) use a full head of green cabbage and slice it 6 or 7 times into slices like bread. Throw the whole mess down the hole. 20 minutes later, no smell and lasts for 2.5 weeks.
When camphosting I cabbaged all our toilets. (We ended up with 4 campgrounds instead of just two- boy was I busy!) We woudl tell everyone about the cabbage trick. When people came to camp with us a second or third time they would drive by our site and yell, "Hey, Bob! We got our cabbage!"
We also passed out stickers which said, "I'm a Lockaby camper" to the kids. We had them for the other sites too; Carter Bridge, Roaring River, and Sunstrip. Kids would lose them and drop by for another. Ya gotta love it!
Never did find out why the cabbage works. It just does. So... If anyone here knows someone in micro-biology or whatever, tell them and see if they know what's going on here. It must have to do with some kind of enzyme or something. :
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