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A picture I took

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For some reason http://www.geocities.com/alpenglowweb.jpg
is not loading off the server. It must be a geocities config. need to reload on a different server.
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Long time bud. Hey repost that pic!! What FATS are you going to ride this year?

Where the heck is Bandit_193?

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Apart from being extremely cliched, it's pretty good. Try something original, looks like you have a good eye for composition.
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i think it looks great and you should leave it just the way it is.
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How 'bout taking up HTML 101 instead of photography?
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Hey Crisco....
Geoshitties and a lot of other hosting sites won't let you post an image from their site to another, you can only post the hyperlink. Bastards...see if i sign up for their free services anymore.

Try photoasa.com. Its free and you can post images from there. There are a few others too.
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A picture I took

ummm.... what picture?
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but it's a SB [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Let's see you took the pic so it can't be you. unless your timing is incredible.

could be brighter. you need to set your camera to meter for over exposure by about 1 to 1.5 stops. When shooting snow scene that is normal. Your pic is not too bad. maybe only .5 stop you can adjust it in any photo editing software.
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though i liked it before, now it's better. that's one fat ski. good to have skis that fat when one of 'em comes off.
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What Dchan said about pushing the exposure will help brighten up your snow shots. (Auto-exposure cameras are set up for "normal" lighting, thats why most snow shots end up underexposed)
Try using a fill-flash when shooting into the sun as it helps to pop out the jumper details.
Nice composition - Good use of the "rule of thirds" without being to rigid.
Keep shooting. Practice is what it takes.
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hey crisco, good to see you back here. how's life up in the Chugach? still home-schooling and skiing more than all of us combined?
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