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Seasons passes CHEAP!

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Does anybody know how or where to get seasons passes for resorts on the cheap side in the mid atlantic region. Particularly Whitetail, Roundtop, Liberty or anywhere in lower PA or MD. I know that Liberty usually auctions some off here in MD at a couple of silent auctions but I don't know of any other resorts that do.

Also, are they transferrable? If so would Ebay be a good place to look?

The Ex-wife is acting up again, and my ski fund is now financing my lawyer's trip to Switzerland.:
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Season passes are generally not transferable, and the one that are transferable are very expensive, like medallions or merchant passes in resort towns.
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The season passes are much cheaper before 10/31 ($560 vs. $660), and if you intend to take a Vermont trip, they have a benefit of free skiing at Stratton any time Liberty Whitetail and Roundtop are closed, pre or post-season, and four days during season. This could pay for three nice Vermont trips, one in mid-season.
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If you do not mind skiing on nights, you can join a
Night Club Cards group and ski for $160 almost all
season long from 4pm to 10pm:


I've been organizing such a group every year since 2001.
PM me if interested.

If skiing at night is not an option, you can consider buying
Advantage card.
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