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Nordica questions-

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Did Nordica eliminate the Beast line? ...it is not on their web site...or is it just a temporary deletion.

Nordica pro deals are not currently available through the PSIA web site either...is this also temporary?
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Shen, I beleive they did drop the Beast line in boots, I think its just the top fuel line now-
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Thanks for the reply Finndog...
I sent Nordica an email and here is the response:

-Thank you for your inquiry. Our PSIA online store has been disabled for the summer season, thank you for noticing! Our Beast line remains the same for the up coming season. You should be seeing them hit stores shortly if you haven't already.

Best regards,
Nordica USA-

I still do not see the beast line on the website...

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I thought I had heard that the beast line was being taken over entirely by the Speedmachine boot line... As for the Beast skis, they have been gone for awhile. The Beast boots may still exist under a new name... If there is a higher volume counterpart to the Speedmachine, that is likely the Beast shell. IMO, if you are going to look at Nordica boots, you should try the Hot Rod/Dobie Pro models... They may not be ideal for all feet, but the customization that they offer is impressive and useful to the everyday avid skier.
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