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EpicSki Academy Daily Diary - Jan25

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Each evening, I will try to take a few minutes to jot down some notes regarding what events occurred that day.

Saturday, Jan 25-
After an uneventful(and relatively quick...) trip in from Colorado, BobB, MikeM, Ziggyskier, Tom Burch and I arrived at the Extended Stay America in SLC about 5pm. We hadn't even finished checking in before we were meeting fellow Bears!

After several impromptu meetings, to get last minute details worked out, we ran into a group that was just returning from a day of skiing at Snowbasin, led by Bob Peters. In that group were Si, LisaMarie, husband Mark, JimmyD, Tog, Pierre, Oboe, Arcmeister and maybe a few I've forgotten. During the ensuing hour, more and more coaches and participants rolled in.

As we needed to confirm the menu for the closing dinner, we set out for Buca di Beppo to evaluate their cuisine, first hand. The food was great, and enough for far more than the fourteen of us who were there.

Dinner over and plans set for the coaches meeting tomorrow morning, everybody seemed ready to settle in for a good night's rest.

Speaking of which....

Good Night!

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Pictures, we need pictures! Please.
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Thanks for the efforts to include all of us 'No-Shows'!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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This is like an EpicSki reality tv show. [img]smile.gif[/img]

I'll see you Utah guys soon.
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Right on VSP.
Thanks for the notes, we'll be there vicariously at least. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Since I have my laptop with me, I will try to post a few times also, to keep everyone informed. Unfortunately I have my laptop because of work. If I did not download e-mail every evening I would return to 800-1000 emails by next Monday!

Today many of us skied at Brighton and it was like spring skiing! On top of that we had the mountain to ourselves. I skied with stmbtres all day and it was a great experience. He is a great skier and I hope I did not hold him back too much.

They definitely need some snow here in Utah, and it looks like we may be getting 3-6 inches tomorrow.

In the evening we got together and trashed Bob Barns' hotel room (I hope we did not leave too much of a mess). I met many people and managed to put names (real and virtual) to faces. It is true folks, all the Bears are real nice.

Tomorrow we start the clinic. I cannot wait! Until next time ... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Pictures are on the way!

sno'more has given a disk of photos, taken today, to AC for displaying on EpicSki. Hopefully, they will be uo in the next day or so.

We will keep taking phots, and videos as we go along. Keep your eyes peeled!

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I'm hoping to get down to Salt lake City sometime and meet a few of my fellow Bears. Is there a place where you are doing a few after skiing Beers? Let me know I might get down there Tues for some skiing and then a beer or two.
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I got Fox to drink a Miller High Life Light Saturday night!

Not just the Champane of Beers, the Diet Champane of Beers...

Welcome to America Fox-Man!
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Today the clinic started and we also got a few precious inches of snow. I cannot say enough good things about the experience. My instructor is Arcmeister and I share him with Melf and stmbtres. This is my first lesson (ever) and it is strange and wonderful to ski with a pro and get pointers and get help with tactics and technique. I cannot wait for tomorrow.

Tonight we got together at a place near Brighton and Bob Barnes reviewed the key elements of today's progression. Bob The Builder, stmbtres and I then proceeded to drive home in stmbtres' car. We hit a rock, we blew a tire and we settled in for a long wait, with no hope for a cell connection in those mountains. Luckily the police patrol stopped and gave us a much needed light so that we can change the tire. So all ended well (except that stmbtres now has to replace a perfectly new and good tire).

But the day was everything we hoped for with a little snow storm to make it perfect. And so we await for tomorrow ...
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Today it was an epic ski day - literally. Not the lightest powder, not bottomless, but for a humble skier for the East, it was epic indeed. We had bright sunshine, 10 inches of powder and a group of skiers that were bent on kicking my ass. Today our group changed somewhat and we ended up with Arcmeister leading Si, Tog, stmbtres and myself. Luigi joined our group for several runs when he got lost from his group. He returned to his group and I hope he enjoyed our company.

I have some observations about our core group:

Si does not ski like a man who had hip replacement surgery. He is a fearless skier and he showed us some of the funkier parts of Brighton. Si is drawn to steep double black runs with questionable snow pack, like bees to honey. He is also very knowledgeable about skiing and could be an instructor.

Tog skis like a pro and he did it all on short SL skis. I was truly impressed by his smooth, flowing style. I believe that Tog is a Level I instructor, but any Level III instructor would be proud to ski like that.

Stmbtres is as good a skier as he is modest. Although he started skiing late in life and only has 8 years behind him, he certainly shows what living close to a mountain can do to your skiing. He is also fearless and will try just about anything - and do it damn well!

And then there is Arcmeister. The name fits him well, but does not do justice to the speed with which he skis. Speedmeister would be just as appropriate. But this man has such a broad range of skills that Skimeister would work too. What can I say, I am impressed and very humbled.

And then there is me. I just cannot believe I get to ski with these guys!

And if you are wondering, it seems that every group had a fantastic day, with personal breakthroughs and self improvement. Don't you guys wish you were here? Well, we wish you were here to enjoy all this.

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Ten inches of snow in twenty-four hours. Freshies, untracked. Soft snow, couldn't find ice. Wait 'till you see the photos!

nolo [Joan Rostad] leads a group with assistance from ziggyskier. The group is: Wear the fox hat? [Stewart], sno'more [Dwight - working his A$$ off in supporting the administrative activites of this Academy], Bob the Builder [Bob - from across the pond, as is fox], Springhill Crazie [Rob the steelworker], and oboe [Bennett].

I always have had great respect for nolo - that has increased many times over. Joan is an awesome instructor. Sometimes while watching her "demo" a technique, one becomes convinced that she could fly if she really wanted to. She appears to exert as much effort in skiing black bumps as you and I might expend sitting on the sofa watching TV - "economy of movement", I think they call it. Looks like magic. While I am humbled by my own skiing, I know I take with me permanent changes in awareness and ability. The tips from ziggy have hit the right spots.

The mountains have been ever changing, even in the same day - bright the opening morning, becoming snowy, if damp, in the afternnoon. Today, after ten inches of new snow, the morning fog lifted and the sun shone as we boarded the high speed quad [Brighton is covered with them]and Sno'more got a skier to take some shots that I hope are posted here - just beautiful. We are so impressed by Brighton.

We saw some videos of student performance apres' ski this afternoon. Hey, our AC ROCKS!

I think the thing that makes this so special, though, are the people - the truly passionate coaches, the EpicSki members we've meet online and with whom we have been skiing. Bob Barnes is just exactly as would think he is from his posts. Tom Burch, Vail Snopro [Ric Reiter] - these guys are terrific. This experience has exceeded my fondest expectations.

I now turn the computer over to Bonni:


I stole this from oboe because I just wanted to say that:

WEEMS RULES!!!!! I did not have a breakthrough so far this week. It was a full-blown NUCLEAR BLAST!

I think that next year, I will attend if I have to sell the car again (which helped get me here this time), sell the cat, sell the farm, sell my body, sell whatever I need to----because this is the most FUN and EXPANSIVE learning session I have ever had in my life!!!

I advise all of you to do the same. There will be NO regrets!!!

Over and out. Tomorrow is another AWESOME day! :
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