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a few years ago i came across a magazine that features outdoor sports happenings (rides, 10K's, triathlons, etc.) here in southern california.

the cover featured a woman whose story kind of got my attention, as, at that time, i was drinking maybe too much beer, "etc.," and had gotten pretty sloppy regarding how i was treating my body; a kind of slow but steady downward spiraling was in effect.

anyway, i didn't keep the magazine around but lately, as i have gotten back on the bike and begun to get back in shape, and as other events have led me to re-examine choices, will, what it means to be healthy, etc., i've wondered about that woman.

today i plugged in a few key words and found the rider, Dotsie Bausch (Dotsie Cowden when i found her in that magazine); she has her own website, and i see she's still cranking, in a big way.

so, for all you who are or have been or will be fighting that tendency to let things slide, and for all you who need a little something now and then to kick the routine up a notch, here's a nice little bio of Dotsie Bausch:

“I’ve learned that I have an addictive personality and I accept myself as I am. In many ways, I have picked a healthy addiction because had I not found my passion in cycling, I might have become an addict of hard drugs or worse by now,” admitted Bausch. “But I’ve never been as ultimately challenged by my work as I am every day in cycling. I’m super passionate about cycling and I don’t ever see getting bored with it, but if I did, I’d have to quit right away because I want to always be progressing as a human being.”