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Atomic GS 12 - Help

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I' m slightly confused. About three months ago i bought a pair of 2007 Atomic GS 12 FIS through a theoretically (i live abroad) well known US online ski dealer. Everything was fine apart from the fact that now i see (on the same site) that the 2007 GS 12 are different from the one i got delivered. The GS 12 mark is on the tail while those i bought have it towards the tip where instead there' s a "race" writing.
Can anyone explain that to me.
Many thanks in advance for your help.
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My guess is...

...you just got a slightly different version of the graphics. What's more important is what the sidecut is. I got a pair of the 19-meter sidecut skis back in February. I think you have the FIS legal version...
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