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Prophecy film tour dates

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The first round of tour dates for our new film "The Prophecy" is out. There are still a lot of shows in the works, lots of TBA dates, etc..., but it looks like we will have about 290 cities this year. You can check out the tour as it stands now at http://www.tetongravity.com/prophtour.html

If you don't see a show in your town, check back. If you want to host a show in your town, email filmtour@tetongravity.com

Owens Never Sleeps
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Why no shows in the UK?

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Not coming to the Mid-West either. Get signed up for the Cleveland Ski and Winter Sport Show first week of November!!!! Heck Warren Miller has been there every year since it began, got to be about 30 years. HELP . . . WE need new blood!

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This sucks!!! Just found out that after 40 years there will be no winter sports show in Cleveland!!! Man, is this a sign of things to come!!!

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Originally posted by Johnny Boy:

Why no shows in the UK?

Actually, we are putting togehter a small European tour. Details are still coming together, so it's not hung on our tour page yet. Keep checking back. If you or any one you know would like to host a show, we would be happy to work it out with you. Same goes for those of you in the midwest. Serioously, keep checking back though. We still have a lot of shows which are not posted yet.
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Haven't missed a show in many, many years. Certainly wont this year. Owens, will you be at any of the venues? (such as Tahoe City, CA)
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Owens Never Sleeps, I want your job! Sounds like a lot of fun.
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AC- I don't think I'll be at many tour stops other than AK and Jackson. There are a ton of huge things going on with TGR that have us all fully slammed. I think that if I want the time to ski and partake of my heli-time, I need to stick close to home for a while and get some work done. The good news is that a lot more of the world is going to see TGR stuff-- much more mainstream, big time projects. That's all the detail I can give now, but you'll see.
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