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Military Discounts?

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Does anybody know which resorts are the friendliest to the military and their families? I am ex active duty and I am now serving in the Maryland national guard. I know that Squaw Valley offers free lift tickets to active duty soldiers all year long with no blackout dates which is one helluva deal!
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Squaw - at least with the ticket counter monkee we dealt with - doesn't offer discounts to retired military...maybe at the customer service office they would...

...I know Kirkwood gives a small discount - I can't remember exactly but I think the ticket is ~$48...

...heavenly allows purchases of discount tickets at a few military bases (doesn't give the actual discount)...

That's all I know....

...might your National Guard service make you 'active duty'...prolly not, huh...
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Rocket, as you probably know, in your own neighborhood Liberty, Roundtop and Whitetail usually offer at least one day each winter of free skiing for military.
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Since I just joined the national guard a couple of months ago I have not used any military discounts at the local hills here in MD. According to the Ski Liberty FAQ page it states that the military discount on lift tickets is $5 midweek non holiday. Now I dont know if that means $5 dollars for a lift ticket midweek or $5 dollars off a normal ticket price. Of course, I'm hoping for the former not the latter:

Also, as far as Squaw is concerned the new military IDs are indistinguishable between active or national guard affiliation so unless you voluntary give up that info....well I guess you know what I'll be telling them. Hey I served six years active duty before this enlistment so I think I'm entitled to a couple free lift tickets on them

Who knows, if there ends up being more of these ski discounts for the military the Army may just start reaching its recruitment goals!

Ski resorts....our military strength is in your hands!:
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I think the every day discounts are just a few bucks off regular price. Massanutten also does this. But like I said, one (I think different) weekday every January, Liberty, Whitetail and Roundtop will offer totally free skiing for military and police/firemen. If the timing is right, you could get 3 free weekdays out of that offer. When the season gets going check the bargain tracker section on for more on this or look at the individual area websites. DCSki BTW is a great source of info about mid-Atlantic skiing and beyond.
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Squaw does not give a military discount to retired personel. I found that one out. But rocket you can use the MWR (moral welfare and recreation) office at any base to find all you need. You can also fly MAC for $20.

Again check with any bases MWR office. You can get a condo in Swiss for $265USD for a week.

The best military discount in the states is at Big Sky.
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Originally Posted by TJBrk
Squaw does not give a military discount to retired personel. I found that one out.
hmmm...I wonder if we were there the same day...

...hi Russ
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I used the MWR office at Hill AFB to get tickets for Snowbird a few years ago. If you order in advance, they'll ship them to you, but the handling fee eats up quite a bit of the discount. I guess the real issue is that the discount ain't all that much. In fact, I saw lift tickets for Snowbird that were within $2 of the MWR price in the ski shop near baggage claim at SLC. And yes, both tickets included the tram so it was apples to apples.
I spent the last 6 years of my Army time at Bragg (assuming your handle means you were there too). Hated the area, loved my job.
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I was thinking about doing the same thing and getting discounted Heavenly tickets until I found out about Squaw. I have never been to Squaw Valley but I hear that its mostly very challenging terrain. I don't know if this will work since my wife is a novice skier and I don't want her to get discouraged. But $70 a lift ticket is a lot of money to be shelling out over at Heavenly.

Who knows maybe we will just get a family season pass locally and put the trip off this year. Too bad the Military isn't treated like college students at most mountains. If more people knew how much (or maybe I should say how little) we make every month there would probably be a lot more discounts for us poor soldiers, sailors and marines.

1/319 AFAR 82nd Airborne Division '93-'97. What do you mean, Fayettenam is one of the most beautiful cities God ever had the pleasure of making!
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Park City and Deer Valley Utah both had substantial($24 off a day ticket) last season which I took advantage of.

As to Squaw, they have a large beginner area near the TOP of the mountain so beginners get all the views etc... Definately DO NOT discount Squaw due to lack of beginner terrain.
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Hey everybody....this is my first post, just found the website.

I know that you can purchase a joint Keystone/Arapahoe Basin season pass in Colorado called the Liberty Pass that went for about $120 last year. I assume they will offer it again this year. For the price, it can't be beat. Neither are my favorite mountains to ski in, but they do offer some challenging terrain. Abasin has the advantage of always being the last mountain open and often makes it till July 4th. Of course, you're skiing corn.

What I would love to find is some discount tickets to Vail.
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Originally Posted by Rocket82nd View Post
1/319 AFAR 82nd Airborne Division '93-'97. What do you mean, Fayettenam is one of the most beautiful cities God ever had the pleasure of making!
I got there in August of 97, so we probably never crossed paths. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
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Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is exceptionally friendly to military - I am active duty so I am not too sure about their policy for Guard / Reserve - but for active military lift tickects have been 50% off (even at Christmas) for (at least) the last three seasons.
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Big Sky is also extremely military friendly!
They have an entire weekend just for military personnel, way discounted rooms, and free lift passes for the entire family and that weekend.

Most of the mountains in Montana offer some sort of mil discount usually its a full day pass at a half day rate.
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Info on military discounts offered at Snowshoe, WV:
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Sugarloaf, ME is $35 any time just by flashing your ID at the window. They have some sort of lodging discount as well.
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Loveland ski area in Colorado is one of the better underated ski areas in the country and one of the first to open/last to close.

Military discount info from their website:
New Military Pass $99
New Military Child Pass $59

Loveland would like to show our support for the troops by offering all active duty military personnel and their direct dependents a special deal on Loveland Ski Area Season Passes. Enjoy a full season of great skiing with all the perks of a regular season pass at a fraction of the cost. Valid military and dependent family member IDs must be presented at time of pass purchase. Military season passes must be purchased at Ski Shows attended by Loveland or at the Loveland Ski Area Ticket Office. Online and phone orders will not be accepted. Loveland will be attending the Front Range Military Winter Expo at the USAF Academy on October 21st from 9am - 2pm at which the Militarty Pass can be purchased.
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Military Discounts

Rocket82nd, Soounds like you're interested in Squaw. Your wife can ski there as a novice. Go up top to Gold Coast there are several runs there that she will love as a novice/beginner AND you will have access to almost all the hills from Gold Coast.
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Big Sky's Military Apperication weekend is Dec 8-10. Alittle more expensive then last year, but still not too bad. Already booked my rooms. If ya want more info send me a PM.
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Northstar in Tahoe, I believe, has a military discount.

Most of the resorts in Tahoe will list this information under Tickets and then Special Tickets on their websites.

A good catch-all site to access all the Tahoe resort's official websites is:

Basically, go to the resort of your choice's website and then you can usually find the info under the Tickets and Passes section.
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94-98 2/505th PIR

Wonder if I could use my DD 214 and get a veterans disount meself.

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roundtop liberty and whitetail have what we call oppreation thank you if memory serves me right. this is totally free skiing for military friemen poliece uscg and so on. i bleieve at least at roundtop we used to offer a free lesson rental ant the whole deal. 7174329631 for better info
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Companies that give the military discount for active duty personel only (and NOT their spouses) really get my goat! We're the real backbone behind the military servicemembers!

Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, AK has it's own little ski hill on base, but somehow all children pay full price regardless of age. So it's actually cheaper for my wife and I to get a military-discounted day pass for each of us to Alyeska Resort where kids under 7 ski free with ticketed adult, than it is to buy day passes for the family at Elmendorf's "MWR" hill! :

Then again, I work at Elmendorf's hill, and my wife is volunteer medic / ski patrol there, so we all ski free anyway. But...

Pays to look around and ask for military discounts wherever you go. Taco Bell, McDonalds, Denny's, etc., all have such discounts in our town. World Cup Skiers Edge shop in Anchorage offers a 25% discount on labor if you're military and have work done on your ski equipment there... Various tire and auto-body shops, etc., do, too... It ain't limited to ski tickets!
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