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Anyone in the So Cal area that can recommend a good boot fitting shop?

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As the title states. I would like to take my boots into a shop and have them custom fitted to my feet. I've searched the net a bit and came up with many shops but none in my area.

I'm located smack in between San Diego and LA.
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From your last thread you purchased Lange CRL 90 boots. Those are an excellent choice, and hopefully you shell fit them, and got some good assistance in selecting the size. The store should be willing to make minor adjustment without charge.

Most people see bootfitters before they select a boot, during the purchase, or if they have problems after buying a boot, that requires professional correction, or for alignment problems. Do you have any specific fitting concerns? A boot fitter may or may not be needed at this point. Do you have pressure points, heel slip or any slop in the fore-foot? Do you need a custom orthodic foot bed? If not, then I would recommend you wear / ski in them for a while, and see a fitter or your store for an adjustment if a problem arises. Fitting may not be a necessary expen$e for you.
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Well I couldn't try on these boots first hand because no one in my area had them in stock. I did try on other boots and found that 27.5 was the size that fit me best. I took a chance when I ordered the Lange boots.

Once I had them in my hand today I first pulled out the footbed and inserted my foot into the shell. I slid my foot forward till my toes touched the inside tip of the boot. I placed my hand in the shell behind my heel and was able to fit 2 fingers between the heel and rear wall of the shell.

I then tried on the footbed and it fit like a sock. Completely snug around my entire foot including toes.

I then put the footbed back in the shell and tried the entire boot on. It fits very snug. I can feel a bit of pressure on the outside of my big toe but I can wiggle all my toes. I also feel a bit of extra pressure on the top of my foot. The entire boot feels perfectly snug and I know after skiing i the boot that it will break in a bit. I think its an almost perfect fit its just the extra pressure on my big toe might be uncomfortable while skiing. Or maybe it will break in and be perfect.

When I get home I'll try on the boots again and while standing I bend my knees and see if the pressure is released a little. It doesn't seem bad at all and my toes aren't crunched into the tip of the boot. the shell is the right size. Also I haven't worn ski boots for nearly 10 years and maybe I'm just not used to having such snug fitting boots on my feet. My heal doesn't lift and seems locked in place so thats good.
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Most stores can assist you in minor fine tuning once ski season gets closer (October). Remember you should be using thin seamless socks. If you find you have any issues, many stores can do minor punches (for more 6th toe room), or insert thinner or thicker foot beds to take up space. It sounds like you got pretty close on these, and shouldn't make any changes until you have some time in the boots. In most cases, that snug feeling will pack out in a few days, and you will start tightening buckels a bit more. If you have a pressure point that you consider painful, get it addressed sooner than later. Otherwise, time is on your side.

From the Master Bootfitter Sticky at the top of page:
Bootfitter's Name: Claude Swonger
Store Name: Ski Net Sports
Store Address: 11378 Ventura Blvd., Los Angeles (Studio City), CA 91604
Phone Number: 818-505-1294
Additional Comments:
G.Law A nationally recognized boot fitting and alignment specialist. I took my 16 year-old daughter to see Claude for custom footbeds and alignment. He spent about two hours with us and was happy to explain every step of the process. His web site also has a nice series of photos and descriptions of each step. www.skinetsports.com
Dan the bump man: G.Law above mentioned Claude at Skinet(see his post for info) Just thought I would add my 2 cents. I used to work at a ski shop for 2 years, and they did boot fitting. But not like Claude!! This guy is an artist. Highly reccomend him. He does more than just make a foot bed, he determines the best boot for your foot, ski style, weight, ski level, experience, and more. Trust me, most ski shops sell you what they want to sell you, or don't truly know how to size a boot to your foot. Claude does.
Arty50: Claude is incredible. At the recommendation of my sister (she's a top notch expert), I went in to pick up a new pair of boots. I've had problems in the past finding just the right pair, mostly due to the fact I have size 12 1/2 feet with high arches. So the constant annoyance of ill fitting boots has really held back my skiing. So I went to see Claude and was thoroughly impressed. He knows what boots will fit different shapes of feet, takes the time to make sure everything is JUST right, and his footbeds rock. He takes the time to explain how a boot should fit your foot and so you leave not just with a killer set of boots but also with the knowledge of exactly how they should feel. I can't tell you how important this is. The result was the most incredible year of skiing I ever had. I never had to worry about my feet moving around or my toes getting pinched. And the end result was that I could feel everything going on in the ski and really fine tune my skiing. It just openned up so much terrain for me.

Bootfitter's Name:Mikey and Ron
Store Name: Ranch Craft Ski Shop
Store Address: 4620 Alvarado Canyon Road, San Diego, CA, 92120
Phone Number: (619) 280-0304
Additional Comments:
MelloBoy: I had my custom corks done at this shop by Mikey this past season. He's a very patient and friendly gentleman with a great sense of humor. If something won't work, such as a boot being too narrow or wide, he's straight to the point. Ron did the fine tune adjustments of my boots after skiing on the corks for a few days. Had some problems with the instep, but was able to adjust with grinding the footboar a bit. He is also very knowledgeable in stance alignment.

Only Alpine skishop in San Diego that I'm aware of aside from the sporting good stores.
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Thanks, that some good advice. I'll ski with them first and see how things go.
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