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what are these worth

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based just on face
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These are 2003 Rossignol Bandit XXX
25.3M @ 185
Rossignol Axial bindings, maybe 140's. DIN to 14. Riser plate?

These are fantastic powder skis. With the great Look/Rossi Axial bindings, these skis are still worth a few hundred dollars. On a good Ebay auction day, you may be able to get up over four bills for them.
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This will provide you with the answer in 2 days: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=140015855615&ssPa geName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=004


Michael Barrett
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in the right crowd... ie tgr... during the season... skis in good shape... over 400 is tough, but possible. $300 would be a screaming deal.

There's just too many things equally as good or better, yet newer for prices similiar to that them to pull major cash.
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The XXX will be 4 model years old this upcoming season. Because of that you will be hard pressed to get much for them even though they are better than some newer skis that will get more. I would say they are worth $200 if you want to sell them quickly & $300 at a ski swap this fall. $400 will be a stretch.
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Yep - I'd agree. About $300 is what I'd expect them to be at a used sports equipment store. The question is, how's the base?
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i am purchaser and may have gotten iether a real good deal or just pissed away 30 bucks including shipping...will post as soon as they arrive"due on monday"
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I paid $150 on evo gear a few months ago for the 178s w/the rossi axium demo binding. I think I go a steal, the ski's rock & I'd still feel OK if I'd had to pay more ...
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They sold for $256.51. Not a bad deal. These are great skis.
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Ok just had fedex here
The skis are pristine...no top scratches no base gouges..a little dusty but look brand new...so with bindings it costs me
33.50 ..includes shipping
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And no they were not stolen..i know this for a fact...got at police auction
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Originally Posted by skidbump View Post
And no they were not stolen..i know this for a fact...got at police auction
Ok then missappropriated and sold by police when not claimed
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