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snow in the midwest...

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nobody reads the resort forum, and i'm desperately in need of some encouragement or at least some sympathy.... this has enough emotion to be posted in 'general discussion', i think.

what's up w/ the midwest? at first i was depressed over the late start, but was still optimistic that the season would catch up and i'd still get a few good months of skiing in. then we had a good dump in late december. but since then...nothing. we just had a warm spell. we're accustomed to 300 inches a year, but we've had well under 100 thus far. we had more in november last year than we've had all season this year. i'm now seriously depressed over the likelihood that if i'm lucky i'll get a good couple weeks of skiing in at most, and the season will be over before it even began.

i haven't even skied bohemia yet -- my dad took one run this year and went home, too many rocks. bohemia NEEDS tons of snow to be good, as management seems to leave all the rocks on the slopes in deference to the ones in their head.

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We Trolls only have to contend with stones (little rocks) and sand under our skims of manmade snow, so we're getting some skiing in. Today will be my 18th for the season, which began Christmas Day. The weather guessers say Bohemia should get some Lake Effect snow today, but probably not the amount they need to cover all that rock. Just enough to maybe hide it.
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the weather guessers generally shy away from trying to predict lake effect snow. it's like predicting the weather over lake superior -- they simply can't do it worth a damn, particularly on the keweenaw. the fact that mere trolls are enjoying better skiing than i is especially galling.

i've been forced to enjoy my skiing vicariously, through forums and ski flicks. even the 80's ski films that i usually just think are cheesy are enthralling -- i've watched license to thrill and blizzard of aahhh's several times over the past couple days.
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No sympathy here dudes. Northeast aint doing so great, either.
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No sympathy here dudes. Northeast aint doing so great, either.
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Hey Auxcrinier, former Lake Lindenite here in Grand Rapids. Ski Upper Lower Mi a lot (40 days last year). Crystal Mtn. is in passable condition to date, but not like last year. Watching the conditions on Bohemia in prep for a trip north yet this year.
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had plans for this weekend...afraid they aren't going to pan out.... two feet (of snow, of course)...that's really all i ask. that isn't greedy, is it? just enough to open it up...cover some of the nastier rocks........
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Hey to da yoooopers;
Come on down to Boyne, we have a very solid base and its been snowing every day for 5 days. As of 2:30 today we,ve had 12 inches fall since this morning and no end in sight for several days.

ps will you let me know when conditions are good @ bohemia?

see you at the halfway house
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When are you at the Half Way House? Skiing Friday?
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you bet.

snowing right now...forecast calls for up to 18 inches through tonight, w/ some more friday. really hope that pans out. ripley's only so much fun for more than half a day....
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I am a musician on the weekends and I have to play @ the sportsmans in boyne city fri. and sat. So I can't ski till sunday But I will be there sunday.
see ya
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I'm working at Schuss Sunday/Monday. I usually only go to Boyne on weekdays.
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I ski during the weekday once in a while but its usually a last moment descision.
I ski at night alot, wed. night race league.
I'll be sure to let you know next time I go on a weekday.

If you come out on wed. night I' be wearing a blue marker jacket, red helmet, red atomics, and yellow boots. see ya
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I'm planning to ski Boyne Wednesday with a group of other oldsters (we're all living off your social security payments), but we're the type that are at the front of the line waiting for the chair to open, so I doubt I'd last until your evening league outing.
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skied bohemia today. wouldn't recommend you making a trip anytime soon. i'll let you know if we get enough snow to make it worthwhile. it appears that everybody at bohemia more or less just sat on their asses over the summer. so many rocks.... they didn't even bother to mow down the weeds and brambles in the middle of the open runs. they have numerous erosion berms (3-4 feet high mounds) that spread all the way across the runs which make great kickers if you're in the mood, but there's no way to avoid them if you aren't or you're tired -- which means you can't really open it up and cruise. i'd understood the plan was to sod the hill and knock the berms over this summer -- big surprise it didn't happen.

i understand the hill's focus is 'extreme' and all that, the powder (the little bit left that was untracked from the employees skiing and boarding all day yesterday before the hill opened to the general public) was great. and last year i really understood the lack of development on the open runs -- i was grateful that they were able to even open last year. but what i really don't understand is how they expect to stay afloat in a below average snowfall year if they're going to be lazy about developing the hill beyond cutting down trees and putting up a lift. the hill is essentially unskiable right now, and i doubt it will get much better -- december and january are the big snow months up here, and according to one of the patrollers i talked to the backcountry won't open w/o at least another 4-5 feet of snow. maybe it's best if they do go under. rumour has it that there are several investors waiting to buy it and develop it to its potential if/when the current operation goes bankrupt.

sigh...was that a rant? i did have fun today -- my quads are killin me....

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