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Happy Birthday Bonni

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Hippo, birdies ... 2 ewes

Hippo, birdies ... 2 ewes

Hippo, birdies

Hippo, birdies

2 ewes
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Happy birthday, Bonni! Many happy returns of the day.
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Happy B-day, Bonni!!
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You go, girl! I hope you had a great day...
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...and HOW OLD did you say you were?

Gee, I heard that it rhymes with ....nifty

(oh no, am I in trouble now? )
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Blow all that, cut to the important stuff. What presents did you get?!!!!
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happy birthday Bonni

I'll raise my glass of shiraz to you ....
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I hope you have a peacefully joyous birthday, Bonni, spent with your very special man. May the best days of your life lie in front of you.
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Originally Posted by teachskiljp
...and HOW OLD did you say you were?

Gee, I heard that it rhymes with ....nifty

(oh no, am I in trouble now? )

21 doesn't rhyme with nifty!

Many happy turns, Bonni.
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Bonnie Bonni
Happy Birthday
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Could this be the big 50?

Hope you have another 50 Bonnie.
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Happy birthday honey!!

You can now officially start every conversation with the kids like this:

"When I was a kid,"
"Uphill both ways"
"---on the backs of buffalo's"
"through ten feet of snow----" (no matter you grew up where there was no snow)
"walked six mile to school"
"---14 miles home again"
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What are some of you doing up in the middle of the night!? Thanks for the well wishes.:

Yes, today's my 50th. WHEE!!!! My wonderful husband gave me a Maxine card this morning and it reads,

"Birthdays are like chocolate chip cookies....if you think about how many we've had, it makes you kinda sick."


I'll be seeing Mom in the hospital today. I told her we'd get paper hats and I'd let her lick the frosting on a cupcake (she still cannot eat). My greatest gift would be for her to be able to breathe on her own again. I'm hoping.:

Special thanks to ryan who sends me musical treats now and then out of the Blue. Thanks, my friend.

Thanks to teachskiljp for the sticker. If I make it through the OEC course and become a patroller, I'll wear it proudly.

And thanks to Kima, who bought me insurance for a great birthday!:
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No presents eh? Huh.
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Thanks, Kee Tov, for the wonderful voicemail message! (Scary what lies across the bed, eh?):

No pressies yet in the physical sense, ant. I don't need them as much as I enjoy wishes from people like yourself.
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. . . but with the heart and soul of a twenty year old!

Best wishes to you, old friend . . . uh, I meant FRIEND, just FRIEND!

(oh, to be fifty again . . . sigh)
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Celebrating half a century and looking better than ever!
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Migliori Auguri di Buon Compleanno, ragazza!
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hoppy barf day to Hugh,

hoppy barf day to Hugh,

a pint for every year on earth,

happy barf day to Hugh!

dang it Bonni I wasn't up early this AM to start this thread RIGHT but I'm danged glad somebody did.

happy birthday Mrs B, many more in store!
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Enjoy. Close family and friends are a fantastic gift, better than anything money can buy.
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lets see:

On Bonni's b'day we have;

a wet tee shirt contest in the planning stages----

MilesB offers a spankin---

a cat fight almost broke out----

move along folks! nuttin to see here

Just another day at the office.:
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Happy fifty, Bonni. It still feels like 30 something, doesn't it? I hope you have a wonderful day and all your birthday wishes come true.

See ya around, girl.
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I goofed! She is only 18...she just has 32 years experience, that's all.
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50! I thought it was fifteen going on sixteen.

Many Happy returns..

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.... But does she have an open fires permit for the candles on the birthday cake?
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Thanks, guys. You all rule!

I translated this online, Nobody, and this is what I got:
Better Auguries than Good Birthday, girl

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And many more
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Originally Posted by Bonni
Thanks, guys. You all rule!

I translated this online, Nobody, and this is what I got:
Better Auguries than Good Birthday, girl

Is there a laughing smiley with hands holding the belly???
I guess not, so the closest thing to say is:when I read the xlation I went roflmao!
There is a reason why I never, ever trust online translators...

So let's do like John Paul the Great....
  • Italian
"Migliori Auguri di Buon Compleanno, ragazza"
  • English
"Best wishes for an Happy Birthday, girl"

My English sentence may not be grammatically correct either, but is 1k times better than the one produced by a robot! tee hee.

anyhow, 50 or 20, it really doesn't matter, it is more important how do we live those years. The choice is ours.
I really really like that ending note that goes:"life is not a journey to the..."
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So, Bonni, is your daughter officially older than you now?
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Hmmmm, she also had a birthday July 1. She's now 23. Yes, I believe she's passed me by.
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