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These are 2004-05 but new in 2005-06, Salomon S-Lab (race stock) 3V Slalom race skis with Salomon S-Lab 916 bindings and plates. FIS legal. These bindings are almost worth the purchase price themselves. No, I won't sell them separate. For those not familar with the set up, the plates are pre drilled so moving the bindings for a bigger or smaller boot is very easy. These were my coaching skis but I kept them in race condition to make sure that beer league bragging rights stayed intact! Bases are primo with travel wax currently on them. Edges are perfect with a .5 base and a 3 degree side bevel. Price is firm at $475. Retail is $1500.00 I know one of my athletes will buy them in October, but if they sell here that would keep my local ski shops happy. I would keep them for myself but I'm rehabbing a shattered femur and won't be skiing this season. Pictures available. If someone can tell me how to add one here I will!