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Technica Diablo Fire

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Do these boots really exist? I just went to my local ski shop for their annual summer sale and they were priced at half off, however, when I went home and went onto the Technica website. These boots are nowhere to be found, only the Flame and then upto the Magnesium's. Is my local ski shop trying to pawn off 2004-2005 ski boots to me? Please let me know.

At another local ski shop the owner told me to wait until October as that is when the new Technica Modo line will be in, does anyone have any info on this new line?
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Yes, those are the ones, but when you go to the Technica site, they do not show up.
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They exist, just from 04-05. The fire is basically the 05-06 magnesium, and the 04-05 magnesium is basically the 05-06 race 110. Its a rippin' boot, I'm on the 05-06 magnesiums and I love them.
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I've never been too concerned about model year - if they fit, they fit (and, of course, if they have appropriate stiffness, flex, etc.). I have the Vento 10 (I'm not all that big, so I need some flexibility) and I love those, too.
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So, in that case should I ask for a bigger discount as they are 2 ski seasons old by now?
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Probably worth a try, but check out some other sites to see what they're going for. How does your local shop compare with the link I posted? I prefer to develop a relationship with a qualified boot fitter over saving a few $, but if you can score a deal...

The link I posted also has connection to one model of the new Modo (though it looks to be far too soft compared to what you were considering).
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I think has some online for a pretty good deal. They might have the diablo flame or whatnot in men's advanced ski boots...
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Depending on sizing and whatnot, their prices look quite reasonable. But remember, no price is worth an ill-fitting boot!
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They are on sale for $449.95, so after tax that would be $512.94. I am in Canada, so I pay 14% tax on everything.
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Whereabouts are you in Canada? The price in Canadian doesn't seem all that bad, but new boots (or at least last year's model) are probably not all that different. And remember, as of July 1, you save that extra 1% on GST!
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I was calculating that 1% savings in the price. I live in Ottawa, Ontario. But I do get out, that is my blog on Jackson Hole and video on
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I'll check it out. Given your concerns about whether or not you were getting accurate info from your local shop, you might consider waiting a bit until you see the new gear. The price that you have been given locally is not far off the price I paid mid-season this past winter for new gear.
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if you fit into it, save yourself some green.
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the Fire was to be a 10% step down from the Mag ; It was pulled from market b/c there are not that many who need such a boot: (lite/skilled)
Also no real dif except flex; retailers had trouble w/ 2 similar boots

I scored a pair from tecnica & love em for all mtn, occ race: i'm 135 lbs
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I am 180lbs and 5'10. I have never raced, but I can keep up with my racing friends all over the mountain no problem at all. Should I go upto the Magnesium or would the Flex of 90 be sufficient or should I go down to a 80 Flex such as the Flame or go up to the Magnesium at 100 Flex. I need the boot to go all over the mountain and OB as well. I do alot of drops, steeps, and the occassional bump run when the snow is nice and soft.
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