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Riding the pow in Kickinghorse!!!

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Did anyone else ski the 75cm (2.5 feet) dump at Kickinghorse Resort this weekend? Too bad JoCanadian is a gimp from his "knee surgery" or he could have been rippin' it up! Of course he would have been too busy unzipping jackets and buckling boots to see me SHRED on the old fat boys.

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I thought JoCanadian was a 'she' or am I wrong.....

glad to see kicking horse is having a better year than last - not that I've been there, just read about it.
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Fortress and Nakiska got more than that. Yes Nakiska!! Lots of choking faceshots.
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Did Nakiska on Fri. and Fortress on Sat. and Sun. Gotta love that thigh deep powder huh! It's kinda ironic because we actually had two trucks headed for Fernie on Wed. night but my partner picking me up broke down and the other one was long gone. No big deal we'll just take mine on Thurs. morning ....WRONG.... I drive a diesel and unknown to me had gotten some bad fuel . By the time we got it running (after many beer) it was starting to dump,and niether of us was driving.
Fri. morning we got deep stuff at home and we're supposed to be heading for Fernie which is going to take 3 hrs. on good roads and I'm only 35 min. from Nakiska......hmmmmm what to do ?
Ski close to home why not .....turns out we made out better than they did due to closures , he he .
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75 centimeters? Good God!!! :

Am planning a ride over to Kicking Horse plus/minus Fernie for March. I'm already starting to drool thinking about it!

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Ok Leeroy, what are you sking on, as we could gone up the Gold Chair on Friday together. There weren't that many people there. Or you may have shared a chair with my wife at Fortress on Sat.

Me, I'm on Fischer mountain Xs 191 ( flame grafphis at tip)or K2 El Caminos 198s, sollie black performa 8s boots, black Head Jacket, black pants and black helmet.
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Damn, that's just mean... Not only do I take the abuse in person, I have to receive it on the net! Where you able to get the car started this weekend, or did it still not start in "D"?? Just for that, I am coming over to watch ski movies with T. Pow. The gimp will be ready to ski in a week and a half. Wanna go to The Lake?

Sorry to disappoint Kiwi.

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Just checked your profile JC and did not realize the bunny slope at The Lake required you to sign a non-disclosure agreeement! When are you going to buy the pass that lets you ski on the whole mountain? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I'm headed up to Kicking Horse with friends for a few days of extreme fun. Leaving Seattle Friday and will first drive to Red Mountain and ski there Saturday. Should I ski two days at Red Mountain or try someplace else on the way to Kicking Horse? Mostly interested in steeps and/or deeps. No groomers. We will be just 3 (2 Americans and 1 Kiwi) wild and crazy guys with bad knees on a road trip.

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How is the coverage after this last storm at kicking horse? Still many rocks?
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Doug, I was on a pair of 10EX's , green/grey jacket, black pants and a dark blue helmet (yes I finally started using one).
I'm heading to Nakiska today with the girls and somewhere tomorrow also , don't know about Sat. yet but will probably be skiing somewhere. Let me know where your going if your headed out or catch me at
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Leeroy , I'll look for the 10.exs . I'll be at Naiskia both Sat and Sunday for my daughters K1 race. Usually at Fortress
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pretty cocky for someone making their powder turns on rental fat's. Ski the same lines on your Volkls and then get back to me.... :
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I wish I could have been there. Unfortunately, I had to drive through Golden on my way to Cat Powder Skiing in Revelstoke!! I got to experience those 75 cm for three days. Fresh line EVERY time.
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if red has snow, go for it, you will not regret it. Red is all about steeps, trees, chutes and snow, not a lot is groomed at all. And be sure and check out the acquatic center in Trail for apres-ski fun.

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