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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post

HaHa, a friend (PSIA alpine) was following me when I made some parallel turns. At the bottom of the run, he said "Hey, you're pretty good! Why don't you ski?"

I said "What do you think I'm TRYING to do!?"
luckily, not all alpine instructors are that way...some of us tele, also.

When I first started tele skiing, a lot of resorts in Colorado wouldn't let you on the lifts, because they said, "that isn't skiing" (about 1978)
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
Save your money. Given your attitude, I predict you won't "figure them out" by yourself.

"The NEW Prophet"
What attitude is that? I've already ordered poles and I will ski with them. I'm determined to learn how to properly use them. I'm guessing you have decided that I'm not bright enough to learn how to use poles. Thanks dude!
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Originally Posted by Amish View Post
it only stands to reason that by using them properly I can better myself on the slopes. Become a more rounded skier.
The first bit is true. As for being "well rounded" the use/non-use of poles does not add to the 'well roundedness', unless it opens up terrain you've had problems with before....

Originally Posted by Amish View Post
.... after reading some of these statements in this thread I almost want to never use them again to prove poles aren't needed, ....
This is the attitude I'm talking about. You already sound frustrated and ready to pack it in just by reading the opinions of others.... As you have so easily become frustrated, I'm imagining if/when you have real problems learning how to use them you are more likely to give up. Especially if you try to figure them out yourself.

If you're serious, get a lesson from a level III instructor. It will help alot!
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Terrain I have had problems with: bumps. I'm completely lost when it comes to moguls.

I have to admit that the reason I responded like that was the general attitude from some people on this site about not using poles. I understand more now than ever the advantage poles bring to skiing. What i don't care for is being told if I don't use poles I'm not really skiing or I can't be a good skier if I don't use poles, etc. Frustrated with some comments I was for sure. That frustration has nothing to do with how I handle challenges though. Even when I typed that out I knew I would be buying poles and learning how to use them. I'm self taught in many areas. I love the challenge and the pride that comes with setting and meeting my goals. I'm a quick learner too. I really don't think its going to be impossible for me to learn and I predict I'll be skiing with poles well at the end of the season if not sooner.
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Poles will help you alot in the moguls. That's where I suggest you focus. You'll get the biggest bang for your buck.

Level III instructor, poles, ask for mogul skiing lessons, and tell them, you have not yet used poles...
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