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TR: Mt. Adams - July 18-19

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NOTE: This was originally posted at the TGR website. I thought I might as well post it here as well, in case there's anyone who's interested in PNW summer skiing.

Well, my first attempt at a trip report.....(okay, settle the nerves, breathe)...

First, as background, I first joined this forum after seeing iskibc's Pyramid Peak TR. I was amazed! This got me to looking at all the TR's here and I've been way impressed and became inspired to do something myself. The real deal kicked in when Squirrel99 put up his Adams TR about a month or so ago (maybe longer, it's all still kind of a blur). I've never done any climbing before and was looking for something that wasn't technically difficult yet a pretty good challenge. Squirrel's TR seemed to be the answer. I want to give him a HUGE shout-out for all the help and inspiration he provided me on this adventure. Without his advice and encouragement, I'm not so sure we would've done this. THANKS SQUIRREL!!!

This is my year to turn 50, which I did on July 11th, so I wanted to do something to mark my birthday that would be memorable for me and challenging both mentally and physically. I don't have a lot of pictures to post up and, unfortunately, no skiing pictures (edit: there is a video link below that includes some skiing and boarding) but I'll post some up just because it's summer, there's snow, and you can get the idea of the trip. We climbed the south route, up Suksdorf Ridge to Piker's Peak, through the saddle and up to the summit. We then down-climbed to the center SW Chute and skied it. We didn't shoot pictures because we were shooting video for a cable TV show that will air in '07-'08. Nobody thought to take out their cameras while we were skiing! (I know, I know.....rookie TR error).

Anyway, here's some of the shots I've got. I may add some more as I get them from some of the others on the trip:

We have target acquisition.

Nearing camp at 9,000'

Nice flat spot for the tent. No wind, real nice camping weather.

Commence the death march. This is going up Suksdorf toward Piker's Peak.

Last pitch toward the summit. The summit was suncupped pretty badly so we left our skis at the entrance to the SW Chutes. Should've left the packs too.

Me at the summit. My first peakbagging! (no, no, not teabagging....)

Group shot on top of the old watchtower/mining shack.

This was a great experience for me and my buddies. 9 of us summited and skied down. The snow's starting to get a little runneled and suncupped out so there's not much time left to ski, especially since it's going to be in the 100's this weekend, but we hit it perfectly! The corn in the chutes was perfect. Big lesson though; our packs with skis and boots (full alpine gear....big mistake) weighed close to 60 pounds. Still, for a first time effort, I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I'll post some more pics if I get some from the other guys with some skiing.

Also, thanks to the Rossi boys who came along and to Mountain Gear in Spokane and High Peak for the climbing and camping gear. Great stuff!

That is all

edit: Added video at MySpace.

http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu...9318 1487&n=2
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To the mods: I just realized that there's a TR forum for these things. Please move this if you like. Thanks!
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Most Excellent
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Goldmember, I saw the TR on TGR as well. A worthy effort indeed.
I'm not meaning to jerk this thread around, but I am putting it in Backcountry and Moutaineering for obvious reasons. Anyway, I hope you'll continue to feed the stoke here, as well as TGR. After all us old guys gotta stick together.
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Yeah nice TR again mang. Hopefully big pictures and well written TR will rub off on the rest of the bears.(people like Bob Peters and the artist now know as Rasputin and soem very few others are the expetions to the rule).
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CR -

No problem. Yeah, after I asked about it going into the Trip Report forum, I saw the BC forum and thought it might be better there too. I haven't spent that much time here so wasn't aware of the forum decorum.

By the way, I refuse to get old!


Thanks again dude! Pictures are what really create the stoke. If someone wants to see how a TR should be done, this is the creme de la creme: http://www.tetongravity.com/forums/s...hlight=Pyramid

That's the one that changed me for life!
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Great report. That looks like an outstanding trip and I've always heard that Adams is *the* PNW volcano if you're looking for the best combination of vertical, accessibility, and quality.

Have you posted any pics of the actual skiing? I hope it was just a bit smoother than those sun cups on the up-route. :
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No, missed the photo ops but.....

there is a video link at the bottom of the report (and here: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoID=99318 1487&n=2) that has some skiing and boarding. The boarder shown is coming off the east face of the summit. There were some hellacious suncups up there. He said the first three turns were good but after that, it was kind of treacherous. The SW Chutes were really nice corn on the upper section from about 11,300' to about 9,000' then it became fairly runneled and cupped but still pretty good. The apron below the chutes was pretty nasty with cups and quite a few rocks but we still were able to ski down to about 6,400'. It really was pretty nice and what you've heard about Adams is probably pretty true. I'd heard the same things and that's why we chose it for our first ever climb/descent. It was really a lot of fun but also still pretty challenging.
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