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tele binding recomendation

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I need some advice on bindings. I'm making the switch to telemark this season and need to find some good bindings to go with my new Garmont Synergys and Atomic Teledaddys (163's). I proudly have only spent $450 so far for this top of the line gear.

I'd rate myself an expert alpine skierr and I have used tele skis a few times before but I think of myself as a beginner. I am about 5'11 and 150 lbs.I'd rather not spend too much money, I still see some deals on last years product. I just want something that would work well with the boots and skis. They will mostly be used downhill and hopefully some touring in the future. Conditions are gonna varry from Utah powder (if I'm lucky enough) to east coast hardpack. Any thoughts on the Voiele Hardwires?

Thanks for the help.
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The G3 is pretty much the standard for hardcore telesking and is more durable than the Hardwires, but you also pay more. The Synergy is not a real stiff boot and I think the Hardwires will work fine for someone your size and weight for the type of skiing you are talking about. Make sure the cable length matches your boot size and the cartidge springs match your weight and how hard you intend to push the skis.

It sounds like you got your setup at Sierra Trading Post. Welcome to the wonderful world of tele skiing.
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Thanks for the advice. I can't wait to get them mounted and on the snow.

got the boards from Sierra and the boots from EMS. I ordered a few different pairs of the boots and returned the ones that didn't fit. I was professionally fit for a demo pair a few years ago and I eneded up keeping the same size this go round.
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Hammerheads or G3's. That's your choices.
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I agree with Vin that the Hammerheads are also excellent bindings, but like the G3s cost more than the Hardwires. They are kind of a different concept tele binding, which I will not try to explain here but you can easily find more about them with some research on the net if you want. If you had a stiffer boot like the Ener-G or T1 I would say that Vinn is absolutely right, but you are skiing a softer boot with a softer ski and are somewhat of a beginner so I doubt if you will have any issues with the Hardwires.

The forgivness of a wide ski is much more beneficial to a novice tele skier than to a novice alpiner but I don't think you are going to find the 99mm waisted Teledadies the best choice for trying to carve east coast hardpack. On the other hand, they should rock in powder, crud and the backcountry.
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I've only used Voile CRB, so I can't tell you how they compare to other brands. I like the model with three-pin bail and Hardwire cable. Mostly I like the Safety Release Feature. The new version has a wedge under the bail to prevent rocker launch. When I used Hardwire without three-pin bail, the piece that holds the duckbill down broke.
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