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Remounting Bindings

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Okay,so I have a pair of skis with Tyrolia bindings that I have had for quite a while. I bought a new pair of boots a couple of weeks ago and they are too long for my current binding setup. I was hoping I could adjust the forward pressure to make them fit anyway, but the forward pressure was already adjusted as far out as it would go :! What are the odds of a ski shop being able to remount these bindings so that they fit my new boots?
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It depends on how far they need to be moved. Further is actually better, so that the new holes don't need to be too close to the old holes. But in general, yes, bindings can be moved. I won't get into the "old equipment" spiel, just note that if the bindings are old enough, the shops may not want to touch them.
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Thanks, there's a pretty big shop in Sacramento that did a release check on them last season. Hopefully they'll hook me up. These skis/bindings are about 8 years old but due to moving around too much they only have about 12 days worth of skiing on them.
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