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Ski movie recommendations?

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In order to overcome my RSAD (see Endlessseason's posts), I'm looking to buy a couple of new ski movies. The last ones I saw were probably the mid-90's Stump releases (Key of Ski, Blizzard, Guide to the Galaxy, etc.). Can anyone recommend any of the new ones? I'd like to see bump skiing, extreme stuff, and some new school stuff. For bumps, I think Fistful of Moguls is a must but don't know much about any of the other types. What about the ones from TGR?
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TGR is pretty good; i like "further" and their first one, "the continum" the best. Also check out MSP's last three videos: "sick sense", "global storming", and this year's "ski movie". Another great one is "1999" by scott gaffney. I've heard "parental advisory" by heavy hitting films is good too, but I haven't seen it yet. You can find all these companies on the internet.

EDIT: I don't think any of these have much or any bump skiing in them though
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Ski Movie By MSP is great but if you want something with a little bit of a story that still has great sking get 1999 I cant figure out where I can buy it on the internet though.
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go to scottgaffney.com you can buy all of his vids there.
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There's Something About McConkey...

Go to Amazon.com - I picked up this and Ski Movie on DVD for something like $30 together
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great skiing to aspire to.
Locals only.
good skiing you can get to.
wait, strike that, reverse it.
ya that way too.
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I just read your original post more carefully. If you want a new ski movie that has quite a bit of bump skiin in it, check out Team 13's new movie called The Trip. It has not released yet, but I'm sure that you won't be dissapointed. Here is some info for Team 13
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Great choices, everyone, thanks. MT, the 2 min clip from The Trip on team13's site looks great.

My wife is going to have a cow when she sees next month's AMEX bill
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Glad I could be of some help.
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Which movies did you figure best meet your needs (I might have to get them myself).
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If you're looking for new school videos, I would recommend Los Alamos, Tee Time (a very special movie, love it!), and The Game.
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