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Boot Stiffness

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I've narrowed down my search for new boots...but I have a question that some of you can probably help with. If I could go skiing right now, I'm sure I could answer it myself, but as that is not an option --

I'm looking at the Salomon X-wave 8.0 and X-wave 9.0 (both last model year). MY current boot has a flex rating of 60-70 (also Salomon), but keep in mind that it is *much* too big, and therefore the flex rating might not be accurate. The 8 is an 85 flex, while the 9 is an 100 flex.

For a skier of my stature, 5'8", 155 lbs, will the flex of 100 absolutely wear my legs and feet out? especially if I've been skiing a 60-70ish boot that didn't fit correctly and probably flexed more b/c I wasn't fully in the boot?

I know the 100 will give more responsiveness, and that the x-wave 9.0 has some more cool doo-dads (i.e. slightly better liner, "lighter" buckles). The cost issue doesn't matter, so it's basically which boot will allow me to ski 40 times a season for the next two years, with the best blend of comfort and performance.

last thing -- I have looked at the Tecnica Diablo Flame boot, but decided against it. I could rethink this decision if anyone out there has a strong opinion for it, just let me know why!

thanks all!
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Get the boot that fits the best, period. It's a lot easier to soften a boot than it is to stiffen one up.
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If the old boot was too big, it may have actually flexed less because the cuff hinge would be above your ankle joint. If you ski 40 times a season get the 9.0 as the other poster said, you could soften it if need be, but it won't work the other way.
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The flex index is made up. It is where the manufacturers want it to be, not where it really is. The only way to do it is try them on. I weigh 155lbs and i can ski a 150 flex Tecnica boot if i soften the flex. I tried on the '05 Race Pro (130 flex?) and it was too soft. I tried the Flame and it was too soft.

I would get the stiffer boot and soften the flex. You can take out one of its bolts (but not both - if the boot has bolts, of course) or cut the lower shell. I heard that the Salomon boots have dotted lines for cutting a "V" in the back. Don't do this. It's a really bad idea.

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