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hamstring strain and acupuncture

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having gotten very tired of my ongoing upper hammy strain, and finding it near impossible to give it the rest i think might help, i am considering trying acupuncture, after a much-needed SERIOUS leg massage.

i do a lot of intense bicycle riding, which really hits the quads, of course, and tweaked the hamstring overdoing it (stupid, stupid, stupid) on the leg curls.

i found this on a quick search and am interested:


has anyone opted for acupuncture for hamstring tightness/strain?

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I have never read a serious scientific explaination of accupuncture or how it is supposed to work, other than it triggers a placebo effect in the gullible. Until some real scientific research is done, I do not believe that invasive psuedomedical proceedures are ever a good idea. There are some nasty infectious diseases out there and I would like to avoid them if possible.

But the call is yours. Maybe there are Qi forces and Meridians and all the other hocus pocus they like to spout but until they are "discovered" this is religion masquarading as medicine. Bad thing that.

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remember, mark, the earth used to be flat, too.

more on this when i give it a shot.
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This vague reference would never satisfy Mark, but I do recall an article in the Wall Street Journal several months ago about some research about acupuncture being done at a major teaching hospital.

They were using infrared imagery to study brain scans of patients before, during, and after acupuncture. My highly unscientific recollection is that reds and oranges in certain portions of the brain could be correllated with pain. Greens and blues correllated with pain relief.

The general conclusions were that SOMETHING was happening to cause the brain to register discernible, measurable differences (improvements) in localized brain temperatures. Maybe that's a placebo effect in the gullible, maybe not.

Ryan, I can tell you my own recent experience. I've been interested in acupuncture for many years but had avoided it because I donate blood very regularly. That's very important to me and having had acupuncture treatments used to be a red flag in the pre-donor questioning process. The blood folks have recently decided that disposable acupuncture needles don't pose a significant risk of blood-borne diseases, so you can donate after having had treatments.

So, I've had four treatments since having my recent foot surgery. Something positive has happened each time, but I'm most likely very gullible.:

I say "go for it". It's a fascinating process.

BTW - it was recommended by two different orthopaedic surgeons. Probably very gullible also.
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