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Kirkwood unlimited season pass group buy -- $349 instead of $469

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Hey everybody, I'm putting together a group buy for unlimited (no blackout days) Kirkwood season passes. The passes regularly retail for $469, but if you purchase them during summer in a larger group, you can get them for $349 (that's 25% off the regular price!).

To make signup easy, I put together a little web site with all the details and registered a domain name. Please check it out over here:


Should be another great winter in the 'wood, Tahoe's finest snow Hope to see you all there...
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Thanks for posting this Stefan. I definitely want one, possibly two. I will be sending information to you in a couple days. When did you want to complete the purchase? Better not leave this to the deadline. Your web site didn't confirm wth Mozilla, but did with IE. Its probably worth mentioning to folks your site is simply to sign up, and does not request credit card information.

BTW, thanks for talking with me on the phone today to verify your information. Its a lot of work to put one of these deals together, and I appreciate you extending it to the Bears. Hope you'll stick around.
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I spoke with Stefan today. He has enough participants to buy the Kirkwood pass, but the order is going in soon. Anyone wanting the corporate buy should finalize this ASAP.
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Is the Sugarwood Pass still around for 2006-07? I know someone moving to Northern California who might be interested in that.
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Hi Tony. Kirkwood is offering several flavors of the Sugarwood pass. Full unrestricted to both areas is $999. The value pass is $499 but blacks out Saturdays and holidays. There are a number of other discount pass programs in the Tahoe area, but Sugarwood isn't bad considering the cost of a Sugar Bowl unrestricted pass is $779 by itself.

Another alternative is to buy a pass at either resort and then buy the Lake Tahoe Six Pack for $249. that gives you an average ticket price of $41.50 to the best resorts, while enjoying a season pass at a single home resort. My approach is to buy the unrestricted pass at Kirkwood and a restricted pass at Sierra for $269. That gives me someplace to go when the wind is blowing or Carson Spur is closed. I might change that up to go for the Six Pack deal this year, just to have the variety.
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I was going to join in simply because I wanted to ski with you Cirque

...but then at a very weak moment I got a pass to Squaw and since I'm in Reno Rose is a given.... sooooo...

...sooo I'll still likely get the Kirkwood value pass for $319

Damn, I didn't realize they had a full sugarwood pass...that could've been a nice option for sure.
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You must be one of them rich fellas. Squaw passes for $1299 on a good day, when every other pass is about 1/3 that price. Squaw of course is open longer in the season. I would, but just can't justify the additional cost. I'll get over there on a couple coupon discounts, and be a ticket patron. That for me is what the Lake Tahoe Six Pack is all about.
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Rich...look who's talking...I saw a pic of your ski vehicle!!

Nah...not even remotely close to rich...skiing is just my life in every way shape and form...

...and this will be only my 3rd season out here and I just had to do the squaw thing once...I justified it by telling myself if I still lived in Connecticut it would cost me more than a squaw pass to do one week skiing anywhere out West (not to mention the cost of staying in VT every weekend)...

my pass was $1339...but it was only $1079 for the wife :

Hey I just figured this out - going to Kirkwood takes about 3 more gallons of gas than squaw - so that's $9 a day I save - in a 40 day year that's $360 saved....not to mention the time savings AND the fact that I can ski squaw in the morning and rose in the afternoon or visa versa....it's worth it I think....but next year it will probably be Alpine though.
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Mt. Rose and Squaw is a nice set-up living in Reno.

My guess Weekday Powder, I'll see ya at the Rose in the morning
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Last Call: Do it or forget it. The group buy will happen at the end of the week.

This pass pays for itself over the Christmas holidays alone.

I have received my confirmation from Stephan.
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Alright folks!

Time to do it -- think about it, $349, that's about 3 weekends and it's paid for. Plus the days in Colorado you get, and discounts for your buddies (you can buy up to five daypasses at half-day rates for your buddies with the pass).

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